Welcome to the Riverside City College Academic Senate home page.  The Senate--composed of elected officers, department representatives, and standing committee chairs--makes recommendations to the College administration and to the Board of Trustees regarding academic and professional matters (defined by AB1725, Section 53200).  The Senate facilitates communication among faculty, students, administration, and the Board of Trustees in all matters related to community college education. ​

The Senate meets the first and third Mondays of each month (except holidays) during the academic year, typically from 3:00-5:00 p.m. in the Hall of Fame. All faculty are invited to attend. Faculty are also encouraged to express their views and concerns on a regular basis to their elected Senate representatives. 

Academic Senate Office
Glenn Hunt Center for Teaching Excellence
4th Floor, Salvatore G. Rotella Digital Library
(951) 222-8300

Academic Senate Officers​​​ ​ ​​
Email Address
President ​Mark Sellick ​Mark.Sellick@rcc.edu 
Vice President ​Kevin Mayse ​Kevin.Mayse@rcc.edu
Secretary-Treasurer ​Mary Margarita Legner MM.Legner@rcc.edu
​​ ​ ​Riverside Senators
(*departments elect senators in even numbered years; all others in odd numbered years)
Department Name Email Address
Applied Technology Stephen Kennedy ​Stephen.Kennedy@rcc.edu
Art* Rhonda Taube Rhonda.Taube@rcc.edu
Behavioral Sciences Marc Wolpoff
Business Administration/CIS Mark Lehr Mark.Lehr@rcc.edu
Chemistry* Daniel Bernier Daniel Bernier@rcc.edu
Communication Studies Micherri Wiggs Micherri.Wiggs@rcc.edu
Cosmetology* Peter Westbrook Peter.Westbrook@rcc.edu
Counseling* Scott Brown Scott.Brown@rcc.edu
​Dance and Theater ​Jodi Julian Jodi.Julian@rcc.edu
Early Childhood Education* Debbie Whitaker Debbie.Whitaker@rcc.edu
Economics/Geography/Poli Sci* Ward Schinke
English Tammy Kearn Tammy.Kearn@rcc.edu
History/Humanities/Philosophy Rom Masterson Romulus.Masterson@rcc.edu
Kinesiology & Athletics ​Jim McCarron
Library & Learning Resources Linda Braiman Linda.Braiman@rcc.edu
Life Sciences Ginger White Virginia.White@rcc.edu
Mathematics John Grenfell John.Grenfell@rcc.edu
​Music ​Kevin Mayse Kevin.Mayse@rcc.edu
Nursing Education* Lee Nelson
Physical Sciences* James Cheney
​World Languages ​Dorothy Gaylor Dorothy.Gaylor@rcc.edu
​Associate (PT) Faculty Rep. ​Mark Carpenter ​Mark.Carpenter@rcc.edu 
​​ ​ ​Ex-Officio Senators
​ASC ​(vacant)
​EPOC ​Kathleen Sell Kathleen.Sell@rcc.edu
​IE ​Debbie Cazares Debbie.Cazares@rcc.edu
​RDAS ​Paul O'Connell Paul.OConnell@rcc.edu
​SAS ​Eddie Perez Eduardo.Perez@rcc.edu
​Curriculum ​Greg Burchett Greg.Burchett@rcc.edu
​​​ ​ ​Participating Riverside Non-Senators​
President, RCC​ Wolde-Ab Isaac​ Wolde-Ab.Isaac@rcc.edu​
VP, Academic Affairs​ Carol Farrar​ ​ ​​Carol.Farrar@rcc.edu
CTA Representative​ Rhonda Taube​ Rhonda.Taube@rcc.edu​
Student Representative​ (vacant)​
Admin. Assistant/ Recorder​ Amanda Vazquez​ Amanda.Vazquez@rcc.edu​

  ​​​​​ ​