Welcome to Associated Students of Riverside City College consists of three branches, each having a unique offering for each and every student. These are the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, and Judicial Branches. Within these three branches, there are even more opportunities. You can become an ambassador with the Multicultural Advisory Council (MCAC), a Commissioner on the Board of Commissioners (BOC), represent a club in the Inter-Club Council, become an intern in Media and Design (M&D), a Justice of the Supreme Court, or serve as a Senator on the Student Senate. 

Whatever your niche there is a home and purpose for everyone! The foundation that Associated Students of Riverside City College are building upon is to cultivate leadership, be the voice for the student body, foster talent, create lifelong friendships, and to make connections that our students will never forget.

If you’re ready to make this year count, ASRCC is ready to help you make a difference! Join now by emailing your ASRCC Student Body President atpresident@rivasrcc.org

 Watch our YouTube video for more information
about how to get involved​


Where are we? How do you find us?

Student Government Center--2nd Floor Bradshaw Center

(above the Cafeteria)


Student Activities--2nd Floor Bradshaw Student Center

Stop by, say "Hi", and get some more information!