Clubs and Organizations


Besides having the ability to serve in one of the great positions in your campus Student Government YOU also have the ability to join a number of great clubs. RCC offers a unique list of clubs and organizations that you can become involved in. To give you an idea, there are over 50 clubs in total over the three campuses and they range in theme from cultural and artistic to political and career centered.

If this sounds interesting to you click the club name to the right of this text for more information and to join the club that is perfect for you!​



A full-time faculty member must agree to sponsor a specific club/organization and agree to be present at club/organization functions, meetings, and events. Occasionally, two faculty members can agree to cosponsor a club/organization and share the responsibilities.

Student organizers need to obtain an “Agreement to Sponsor form” from the Student Activities Office and submit it to the designated Coordinator of Student Activities. When completed, the proposed sponsor’s name will be forwarded to the President of the college (or his designee) for approval of appointment to club/organization sponsorship.

Student organizers need to provide a list of no less than seven (7) prospective club members (rosters available in Student Activities Office) and submit it to the designated Coordinator of Student Activities. Co-curricular organizations must submit a list of their members each semester to the Student Activities Office (form available in Student Activities Office).  In order to be a club/organization member, each student must be an active cardholding member of ASRCCD.

Student organizers need to write a club constitution (an example form available in Student Activities Office) and submit two typed copies to the designated Coordinator of Student Activities.

Student Sustainabilty Collective - Community Garden

When the Coordinator of Student Activities has received and approved the following forms, the information will be submitted to the Dean of Student Services and the ASRCC Riverside Campus Senate for final approval.
    • Application for Recognition as an RCC Campus Club/Organization
    • Agreement to Sponsor Form for Club/Organization
    • Club Roster Form or Co-curricular Organization Participation List
    • Club Constitution
    • Copy of Facilities Request for club meeting

All campus clubs and organizations are operated under the administrative supervision of the Riverside Campus Dean of Student Services and are sponsored by the Associated Students of Riverside Community College District.

Instructional Media Center (IMC) - Multimedia Request

*48 Hours Notice Required For Classroom Delivery

Click here to make to make a request for projectors, video equipment,

audio equipment, and miscellaneous. 

Riverside Campus: Phone (951) 222-8511

Logging Service/Volunteer Hours


Please log and submit your Service/Volunteer hours each semester.  You must log 50 or more eligible Service/Volunteer hours in order to receive recognition.  

Please log on to www.rivasrcc.org to create an account and log your hours.  If you have ANY problems or questions please email Deborah.Hall@rcc.edu​.  Please refer to the rivasrcc website for deadlines and important dates.