Center for Teaching Excellence


   The Glenn Hunt Center for Teaching Excellence 

At Riverside City College, the Glenn Hunt Center for Teaching Excellence has a variety of resources for faculty to utilize while pursuing their professional d​evelopment activities.

There are many workshops held in the Hunt Center monthly on various topics. We also offer a quiet place to prepare for class and grade assignments. 

The Hunt Center has a variety of equipment at your disposal, such as SCANTRON machines, computers, printers, a small refrigerator and microwave. We also have a supply of "scratchers" (AKA Instant Feedback Test Forms), as well as meeting rooms.

Equipment available for checkout includes laptops, document cameras, video cameras and LCD projectors. There is also a library of books and audio books donated by faculty and others. (We welcome new donations to add to this collection). More information is available from the "Resources" menu on the right.

   Access to the Hunt Center
   The Hunt Center is located on the 4th floor of the Salvatore G. Rotella
   Digital Library and is open Monday--Wednesday from 12:30 to                  5:30 p.m. and Thursday from 12:30 to 4:30 p.m. Faculty may obtain 
   an access code from the Library Circulation Desk for additional 
   access during non-staffed hours. 
   If you have any questions about the Glenn Hunt Center for Teaching
   Excellence or the Faculty Development Committee please contact 
   Faculty Development Coordinator: Dr. Laura D. Greathouse, or email​
   Hunt Center:  
(951) 328-3653 

Faculty Development Mission Statement 

Support Full-time and Associate faculty with resources toward 
professional development, facilitate the interdisciplinary exchange of ideas, and promote exposure to current and innovative strategies for teaching and learning.   

It is our belief that enhancing faculty abilities as a teacher, professional/scholar and individual is key to maintaining and improving 
the quality of teaching and learning.The need for creating lifelong 
learning begins with an empowered faculty. The Glenn Hunt Center for Teaching Excellence exists toward empowering faculty as a  ​

  • Teacher: Including, but not limited to, teacher/student interaction, classroom organization, presentation skills and assessment. 
  • Professional/Scholar: Including, but not limited to, committee work, grant writing, publishing and professional growth activities.
  • Individual: Including all aspects of growth which promote health 
    and well being.