Getting Started

Step 1: Apply to Riverside City College

Individuals who meet any of the following requirements may submit an admission application:

  • Have graduated from high school or
  • Have passed the CA High School Proficiency Exam or
  • Have passed the GED examination or
  • Did not graduate from high school but are 18 years of age or older or
  • Did not graduate from high school but attained a Certificate of Completion.

International Students:
Prospective international students should refer to the International Center website for admission procedures and I-20 form and F-1 student visa eligibility information.

Concurrent High School Students:
High school students who are interested in the High School Concurrent Enrollment program should refer to the Concurrent High School Students information page for admission procedures.

All Other Students:
Please go to the Apply Online page to begin an online admission application. We do not offer paper applications. Applications are processed within 1 business day (weekends and holidays excluded). After the application has been submitted, students will receive two emails:

  • Immediately after the application has been submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided on the application.
  • One business day (weekends and holidays excluded) after the application has been submitted, students will receive a second email with the student's RCCD student ID number, WebAdvisor User ID, and RCCD email address.

Assistance is available at the Welcome Center and at Admissions & Records for individuals who need help completing the admission application. Both offices are located on the first floor of the Dr. Charles A. Kane Student Services and Administration Building.

Step 2: Apply for Financial Aid

Step 3. Login to WebAdvisor

Web​Advisor is our online service that allows students to view their registration date (the day and time a student can start registering for classes), register for classes, drop classes, order parking permits, pay fees, view financial aid status, and much more.

The WebAdvisor User ID is included in the welcome email. The default WebAdvisor password is the student's 6-digit date of birth (e.g., Jan. 2, 1994 = 010294). If a student previously logged into WebAdvisor and established a password, it has not changed. Students who do not remember their password should go to the Login Help page for instructions on how to reset their password.

Step 4: Login To Your RCCD Email Account

The RCCD student email account is the only approved method of formal communication between students and the Riverside Community College District. Students must activate their student email account in order to receive future information from Riverside City College and the District.

  • Students who do not know their RCCD email address should go to the WebAdvisor Main Menu and click "Learn your RCCD Email Address."
  • The RCCD student email account can be accessed through WebAdvisor or by going directly to the Microsoft Office365 website at
  • The default password for the RCCD student email account is the first initial of the student's first name in uppercase and the first initial of the student's last name in lowercase combined with the student's six-digit date of birth. For example, if the student's name is John Smith and the birth date is 06/10/1990 then the default password is Js061090.
  • Students who need to reset their RCCD email address password should refer to the instructions on the Student Email Information page.

For more information about the RCCD student email account, please refer to the Student Email Information page.

Step 5: Complete O.A.C. - the Online Orientation, Assessment Test, and First Semester Educational Plan (SEP)

Transfer students and most returning students are exempt from this step and should skip to step 6.

Most first-time college students are required to complete the online orientation, assessment test, and first-semester student educational plan. These 3 items must be completed in the stated order. Students will not be able to register for classes until all steps are complete.

  1. Online Orientation: The online orientation is intended to provide informative and practical advice about the college experience. The link to the online orientation is located on the Student Menu of WebAdvisor.
  2. Assessment Test: The assessment test is available by appointment only. Appointments can be scheduled three hours after you have completed the Online Orientation. To schedule an appointment, visit the Assessment Center's website
  3. First-Semester Student Educational Plan (SEP): One to two business days (weekends and holidays excluded) after completing the assessment test, students can submit their First Semester SEP. The link to the First Semester SEP is on the Student Menu of WebAdvisor. Please allow 1-2 business days (weekends and holidays excluded) for the SEP to be processed. Once the SEP is processed and this step is complete, the Counseling Department will send a confirmation email to the student's RCCD student email address.

Step 6: Mail Your Transcripts

All transcripts must be official, sealed transcripts, printed no more than 90 days prior to submission. Transcripts should be hand-carried to the Counseling Department or mailed to the Admissions & Records office.

First-Time College Students:

  • High School transcripts are not required unless specifically requested by a special program.
  • SAT/ACT scores are not required.

Transfer Students/Returning Students:
Students who have attended other regionally accredited institutions and would like credit for classes taken at these institutions must submit official transcripts. Students who intend to register for an RCC class that requires a prerequisite must do the following to satisfy the prerequisite:

  1. Submit Official Transcripts.
  2. Complete a Prerequisite Validation Form with the Counseling Department. Students should submit this form at least 5 business days prior to their registration date to avoid receiving prerequisite errors when registering for classes. Students must contact the Counseling Department to obtain the form.

Transfer students and returning students who would like to obtain a Student Educational Plan (SEP) must have official transcripts from all regionally accredited institutions on file before meeting with an academic counselor.

Advance Placement (AP) Scores
Students who have successfully completed AP exams with scores of 3, 4 or 5 may earn credit for each Advanced Placement course. Official AP Scores - in a sealed envelope, printed no more than 90 days prior to submission - should also be hand-carried to the Counseling Department or mailed to the Admissions and Records office.

Step 7: Apply for Student Support Services

Riverside City College offers a wide range of student supports services aimed at helping students achieve their academic and vocational goals in a timely manner. To find out more about a sampling of the services we offer, the benefits of these services, and if you meet the qualifications, please refer to the programs’ website:

Step 8. Check Your Registration Date

Students are assigned a registration appointment based on the Order of Registration. Students can check their registration date by logging into WebAdvisor, clicking the Check My Registration Date/Holds link on the Student Menu, and selecting the appropriate term from the dropdown menu. Terms will only be listed after registration dates for that term have been assigned. The dates when we begin posting registration dates for each term can be found on the Important Dates and Deadlines page.

Class schedules are generally made available around the same time registration dates are posted. Schedules are available on WebAdvisor and they are also available as a PDF file on the Class Schedules page. The Riverside Community College District no longer distributes printed class schedules.

Students can register for classes on and after their registration date as long as AOC has been completed and there are no other holds on the account.

Step 9: Register for Classes

Students register for all classes online through WebAdvisor. Prior to registering for any Open Campus online class, students must complete an Online Skills workshop. The link to the Online Skills workshop is on the Student Menu of WebAdvisor.

It is the student's responsibility to do the following:

  • Be aware of important deadline dates (ex: the last day to add, drop with a refund, without a "W" or with a "W"). Students can view these dates by viewing their class schedule on WebAdvisor and clicking on the class title.
  • Drop classes. Dropping a class is always the student's responsibility. Students who decide to stop attending a class should never assume their instructor will drop them from the class. Students who do not attend and are not dropped from the class will receive an "F" in the class and be responsible for any fees associated with the class.
  • Print and keep the results of WebAdvisor transactions for proof of the completion of the transaction
For more detailed information about the registration process, please refer to the Registration Information page.

Step 10: Pay Enrollment Fees - Check Fee Payment Deadlines

After registering, students will be billed for the following fees:

  • Enrollment fees (based on the number of units in which the student is registered)
  • Health fee (required)
  • Transportation fee (excluding winter terms)
  • Student services fee (optional)

Students classified as non-residents of California will be also required to pay non-resident tuition.

Parking permits are optional. Students are not billed for waitlisted classes. A complete schedule of fees can be found on the Tuition and Fees page.

Students will be dropped for non-payment from unpaid classes prior to the start of the term. Payment deadlines can be found on the Tuition and Fees page.

Students can pay through WebAdvisor using Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Check and cash payment can be made in person at Student Accounts.

Step 11: Get Your RCC College ID Card

The RCC College Card is a student's official identification around the college.

  • It provides students access to the library and labs at any college in the Riverside Community College District.
  • It can be linked to a Wells Fargo Everyday Checking Account.
  • It can be used as a free RTA bus pass by Riverside City College students who are enrolled in classes.

For information on how and where to obtain a College Card, please refer to the College ID Card information page.

Step 12: Buy Your Textbooks

Students should visit the Student Bookstore website or take a copy of their schedule to the bookstore to find out which textbooks need to be purchased.

Step 13: Attend Class on the First Day

Arrive early to find parking. Students are not ticketed for 2 weeks after the start of the term as long as they park legally in a student parking space. Students who park in a staff parking space (yellow) will be cited. For more detailed information on parking please visit the Parking Services website.

Students enrolled in an online class should go to and login to their class.

Students who decide not to attend a class must drop their class via WebAdvisor or in person. Remember, dropping a class is always the responsibility of the student.