Transcript Requests

There is no cost for the first two RCCD transcripts ordered. After using your two free copies you will be charged $5 per transcript. A rush service is offered in person only. The cost for this rush service is $10 per transcript plus the $5 transcript fee (if applicable). Please note the following:

  • The RCCD transcript includes coursework completed at Riverside City College, Norco College and Moreno Valley College.
  • Transcripts will not be released until all financial obligations to the District have been paid.
  • Once a transcript order has been placed, it CANNOT be cancelled.
  • We DO NOT fax or email official or unofficial transcripts.
  • If you request a General Education Certificate the processing time of your transcript request will be extended an additional 7-14 business days.
There are three ways you can order an official transcript from RCC:


You may order an official transcript on WebAdvisor.

  • Supports payment by credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express).
  • Allows you to check your transcript request status on WebAdvisor.
  • Lets you enter your order any time, day or night.
If you want an attachment included with your outgoing transcripts, please contact us before submitting your request by calling (951) 222-8601. No rush service is available through WebAdvisor. Transcript requests submitted through WebAdvisor are generally processed the following business day. Pickups are processed the following business day and are available for pickup after 12 PM.

Note: If all of your classes were taken prior to 1974, you will not be able to order your transcripts through WebAdvisor.


You may request your transcript by mail. Please mail a legible copy of a valid photo ID and a completed Transcript Request Form (PDF) or a letter including the following information:

  • Full Name (if you attended under another name, list that name as well)
  • Date of Birth
  • Social Security number or Student ID number
  • Current phone number and address
  • Address(es) of where you want your transcript(s) sent
  • Number of copies requested
  • Signature
DO NOT SEND CASH. Include a check or money order if you have already used your two free copies. Mail all requests and payments to the following address:

Riverside City College
Transcript Office/Admissions
4800 Magnolia Avenue
Riverside CA 92506-1299

No rush service is offered via mail. Once received, your request will usually be processed in 1-2 business days.


You may come in person to request your transcript. For regular service, transcripts can be picked up the following business day after 12 PM, Monday through Thursday. A same-day rush service is offered in person only. The cost for this rush service is $10 per transcript plus the $5 transcript fee (if applicable).

Photo identification or written authorization by the student is required at the time the request is made and at the time of pick up. If requested by a third party, there must be written authorization from the student with a copy of the student's I.D., and the third party must have a valid photo I.D.

General Education Certification for University of California or Cal State University Transfer

A certification is a separate form that is sent with your transcript. The certification identifies completed courses taken for lower division General Education requirements. Requesting a General Education certification will delay the processing time of your transcript request 7-14 business days.

General Education certification may include courses completed within the Riverside Community College District and other regionally accredited colleges or universities in the United States. Before requesting a certification, official transcripts from other institutions must be on file with the college.

General Education certification should only be included with transcripts sent to Universities of California or Cal State Universities. Do not send General Education certifications to community colleges or out-of-state colleges and universities unless specifically directed to do so.

Students are responsible for requesting certification when requesting transcripts to be sent to participating institutions.

CSU - California State University General Education (CSUGE)

The CSU General Education Breadth is a pattern of courses that community college students can use to satisfy lower division general education requirements for any California State University campus.

UC – Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) for Transfer to CSU and UC

The Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) is a pattern of courses that community college students can use to satisfy lower division general education requirements for any University of California or California State University campus.

If you have any questions about satisfying the requirements for these certifications, please meet with a counselor.

Extra-Curricular Activities Record

The Extra-Curricular Activities and Honors Coursework Record is available for students to have their participation in college clubs and/or district organizations, student government, service to the community on behalf of a club, publications, scholarships, and awards acknowledged and mailed with their transcripts. The form also serves as a record for Honors Coursework taken at RCC.

This form is now available on-line for students to type in their activities and/or coursework, print out the form utilizing only 1 page (double sided), and then take the form to their advisors for signatures.

After compiling all of the signatures the form must then be taken for signature to a campus student service official for clubs and activities; if for Honors coursework an academic service official's signature is required. For scholarships please obtain the signature from the District Dean of Student Financial Services. The last office will deliver it to Admissions & Records. When students request transcripts this form will be copied and mailed out with the transcripts.

Please keep in mind that only one form is mailed out. If students turn in an Extra-Curricular Activities and Honor Coursework Record form and then stay at RCC longer and turn in another form, the second form must have all of the first form's information on it, including signatures. Only the current form will be mailed. It is important to keep this form neat, grammatically correct, and preferably typed.

Click here to print the Extra-Curricular Activities Record (PDF)