Permits, Parking, Problem Solving 

Campus Parking 

Parking can be challenging, it’s possibly the most irritating part of any campus experience — thousands of individuals descending on the same space, with the same intent, and at the same time. Arrive early, follow the rules, be prepared and you can avoid frustration. Purchase short-term (hourly/daily) parking or session parking (Fall, Spring, Summer). Parking is free during the fall 2022 semester!

Contact Parking Services
(951) 222-8520


What You Should Know About Parking 

Simple Tips to Follow 

  • Arrive 20 minutes early for your class or appointment (earlier during the first week of the term).
  • To avoid being ticketed obey posted rules by parking legally.
  • Yellow-lined stalls are for staff parking, white-lined stalls are for students and guests.
  • Session parking permits are virtual and purchased in WebAdvisor or MyPortal.
  • Purchase daily parking online with the Park Mobile App.
  • Parking is enforced by the Riverside Community College District Police Department.
  • Parking permits allow you to park legally at any RCCD campus, but not on residential streets.
  • Consider public transit — it’s free with your student ID.
  • Off campus parking is monitored closely. Some require permits. Obey all signs to avoid being ticketed.
  • Call Parking Services at (951) 222-8520 with any questions.


Fall Semester         
Spring Semester   

Fall Semester         
Spring Semester


$50 *Note: Fees waived for Fall 2022

$15 *Note: Fees waived for Fall 2022

Fees apply to disabled parking (student and staff) 

Parking permit fees fund College and Student Services including police officers, safety escort services, lot maintenance, and new lot construction. 

  • Parking rules, regulations and California Vehicle Code laws are enforced 24 hours a day, 7-days a week and 365 days a year
  • Every vehicle parking on campus must have a current permit or visitor pass.  Purchase a pass from the meters and abide by posted restrictions (including exclusive parking or restricted areas)
  • Stalls marked “Staff Parking” (in yellow) are for staff only
  • Do not park in fire lanes, crosswalks, tow-away zones, grass areas, loading/unloading zones, sidewalks or by red curbs
  • Visible disabled placards/plates are required to park in designated Disabled parking spaces, a parking permit is still required. The placards/plates are only valid for the whom they were issued. Any other use may constitute fraud

Students, faculty and staff who purchase semester parking will no longer have to display a physical parking permit.

Purchase Session Permit Through WebAdvisor or MyPortal

  1. Enter your personal and vehicle information to obtain the virtual parking permit
    • If your address is not automatically populating city, state and zip code: click on “Reset Address” and enter new address
    • If your address is a PO BOX: click “Reset Address”, check mark PO BOX and enter PO BOX address
    • If your email does not contain the correct domain, i.e., @rcc, @rccd, @norcocollege, or @mvc, etc: enter the address as displayed (email is generated from district information)
  2. Enforcement Officer will scan license plates of vehicles parked using a mobile handheld system
  3. The system will identify parking violations. Enforcement officers will determine whether to issue a citation when the system identifies a vehicle that does not have a permit or has the incorrect permit for the parking space.
Visitors must purchase a parking permit by using one of the parking meters located throughout the college parking lots, on the campus website, or by using the ParkMobile App. There are a limited number of temporary, 30-minute (green) spaces throughout the campus. Guests must obtain a guest parking permit from the person inviting them to the campus. The invitee should contact Parking Services for details.

100% Refund  

  • Class is cancelled and this is the only class for the student or staff member  
  • Prior to the start of term, you officially withdraw from all classes in which you were enrolled
  • Prior to the second week of a term (upon request) students and staff members who pay for an unneeded permit 50% refund
  • Student officially withdraws from all classes they were enrolled in during the first two weeks of term
  • Student retains off-campus classes but drops on-campus classes 

To be considered staff, you must work 20+ hours a week for the District — not including student employees. All personnel defined as staff must purchase and display a staff permit. This includes temporary and/or part-time employees. Staff are not authorized to possess or use any other type of permit, except for temporary permits issued by Parking Services. Staff permits are valid in any staff and student parking space on campus. 

Permit not Properly Displayed  
Metered parking (not paying meters)   
Parked Outside Marked Stalls
Parked in RESERVED parking 
Parking Against Red Curb (fire lane)
Permit Not Valid This Lot (Wrong Lot)
Expired Vehicle Registration 
Exceeded the Posted Time 


Citations that are not contested within 21 days, or paid within 60 days from the date of issuance, shall have a late fee of $32 and a DMV lien fee of $8 added to the cost of the fine.

Do Not Wait Until the Last Minute

If you receive a parking citation, you can appeal it. On the back of the citation is information on how to contest the citation. Keep in mind: 

  • You have 21 calendar days from the day the citation was issued to request an initial administrative review 
    If you do not begin the initial review within 21 days, you have forfeited your right to appeal the citation at any level 
  • Once you request and/or submit appeal forms, it is your responsibility to find out if they were sent to you and received by the District 
  • If you request appellate paperwork over the phone and do not receive it, you must call back by the 21st day. 
    Pay Your Citation by: 
    Mail: Riverside Community College District 
    PO Box 2081 
    Tustin  CA 92781-2081 
    Include citation and license plate number on your check or money order 
    Phone: 1-800-553-4412 
    Visit Parking Citation Payment Portal
    Ticket/Citation Appeal Process: 
    The appellate process that the District follows is set by the State of California. Therefore, time frames and deadline dates cannot and will not be extended, nor can any District personnel waive or modify this process. 
    First-Level Appeal-Administrative Review by Parking Services:
    Citations may be contested by contacting RCC Police within twenty-one calendar days from the date of the citation. Citation appeals may be submitted in person, by telephone or in writing. Citation appeals submitted through the mail must be postmarked within the 21-day limit. 
    Second Level Appeal-Arbitration Hearing by Outside Entity:
    Citations upheld at the First Level may be contested by contacting RCC Police within 21 calendar days from the date of the notification of the decision of the First Level Appeal. Second Level appeals may be submitted in person, by telephone or in writing. Appeals submitted through the mail must be postmarked within the 21-day limit. An Administrative Hearing will be held within 90 calendar days following receipt of a request for hearing. 
    Third Level Contesting Citation in Court:
    Citations upheld by the Administrative Hearing Officer at the Second Level may be taken to court. An appeal must be filed with the appropriate court within 30 calendar days after the mailing or delivery of the decision of the Administrative Hearing Officer. This means that all the paperwork must be filed with the court before the 30-day deadline. The court does not accept phone call or postmarks. Contact RCCD College Police for details and paperwork. 


Safety Escort Service 

Uniformed Community Service Officers employed by the Riverside Community College District Police can escort you to and from your class or vehicle if requested and if personnel is available.

Contact the Dispatch Center at (951) 222-8171 to request an escort from any of our three RCCD colleges. 

Making our Campus Accessible for All 

Disability Parking 

There should be no barriers to education. While we work toward that goal (and we will always strive to do better), please review the resources we currently have in place. Our college is here to help you.