Model UN wins Outstanding Delegation at National Conference

Apr 19

Riverside City College’s Model United Nations team traveled to New York City April 3- 7 to participate in the most competitive and prestigious Model UN conference in the world. The team of twenty-three students took home the highest conference award - Outstanding Delegation. Four students earned two outstanding delegation peer awards and two students earned a position paper award, 

Teams from across the globe participated, most from four-year universities. RCC was one of just a few community colleges represented. At the conference, the students collaborated with students from universities from around the world to draft meaningful policy recommendations to some of the world’s most pressing global issues such as climate change, nuclear weapons proliferation, and post pandemic economic recovery in the global south.  

Before the conference, many of the team members began preparing for the competition in the fall semester conducting research, writing, and meeting frequently with others on zoom.  

This was the first time in two year the conference was held in New York. The resumption of an in-person conference following a two-year hiatus that placed many challenges on all of the teams. “The students were patient, they worked hard, and they didn’t give up,” co-advisor and Professor of Political Science Kendralyn Webber said. “They deserve serious recognition for such resiliency and representing a way forward for us in a post-pandemic landscape.”  

MUN Team and Outstanding Delegation

Yaseen Abdelfatah 
Mohammed Abdelmuati 
Ysabella Alegre 
Anthony Arzate 
Fatima Zuniga Barron 
Julian Bustillos 
Natalie Cossios 
Julian Cuellar 
Erasmo Dominguez 
Nathalie Escobedo 
Henry Ian Flores
Marwah Ghouli 
Daniel  Grajeda 
Efren Gutierrez 
Josiah Lopez 
Amy Nguyen 
Noora Mojaddedi 
Jordan Moreno 
Johan Portillo 
Rhiannon Rashidi 
Aaron Rosaupan 
Daxia Tilghman 
Leah Trieu 

Peer award for Outstanding Delegates and Outstanding Position Paper - representing the U.K. in the Security Council

Rhiannon Rashidi
Leah Trieu

Peer award for Outstanding Delegates - representing Peru in the “Commission on Narcotic Drugs” committee.  

Marwah Ghouli
Jordan Moreno