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Celebrate Dance 2021 

CELEBRATE DANCE 2021: The Drive-In Experience 

MAY 14-16 | 4 & 6 PM
Free event | RSVP ticket required 


RCC Dance and Music Technology departments are proud to present, "Celebrate Dance 2020: The Drive-In Experience," a student-led video-integrated performance. Audiences will meet at RCC's Terracina Drive Parking Structure and be led to the 3rd level of the parking structure where they will park, tune-in to an FM station, and enjoy the performance from the comfort of their own vehicle. This year’s concert will feature a collaboration between RCC Dance student choreographers and Music Technology student composers. The works will highlight an array of themes including overcoming isolation, body as “clay,” the cycles of repetition, the stages of a dream, con/obstructive relationships, the "American Dream," and the power of femininity & masculinity. 

Featuring RCC dance + music technology student collaborations by (choreographer | composer): 

Dalia Popok Romero & Antonio Aguirre | Hayley Stange 
Miguel Martinez | James Embrey 
Celeste Chaffin | Jimmy Diaz 
Brianna Picazo & Mattie Singer | Clay Cimbura-Hernz
Ernestina Soto | Orion Dyer 
Sofia Lopez | George Castillo 
Billy Thai | Clay Cimbura-Hernandez

Due to the nature of the performance, late arrivals will NOT BE ADMITTED. 
The show is 50 minutes in duration. For the safety of the performers and patrons, all attendees will need to remain in their vehicle throughout the performance. 
This event is not recommended for children under four years old. 
Only 20 vehicles max will be permitted per show; reserving tickets sooner than later is highly encouraged

Concert Dance/Music Directors: 
Rosa Rdz-Frazier, Visiting Asst. Prof of Dance 
Jennifer Amaya, Asst. Prof. of Music Technology 

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