Economics Adjunct Faculty Applies Classroom Theory to Successful Sports Gear Business

Jun 18

Juan Ramirez, an adjunct faculty member of Economics at Riverside City College, exemplifies the principles of microeconomics he teaches through his thriving small business, Alpha Athletics. Ramirez's hands-on approach to education is evident in his ability to successfully apply academic concepts to the marketplace.

Alpha Athletics, founded in July 2019, specializes in high-quality sports gear, including golf gloves, polo shirts, and shoes. Ramirez recently celebrated a significant milestone: his products are now available on

"I teach Principles of Microeconomics and always emphasize the importance of understanding market dynamics and consumer behavior," said Ramirez. "Running Alpha Athletics allows me to practice what I preach, providing a real-world example to my students."

The Alpha One Golf Glove, a flagship product of Alpha Athletics, has garnered positive reviews for its quality and affordability. The LA Times praised the glove, noting its high-quality Cabretta leather and exceptional performance. Golf Monthly also highlighted the glove's softness, flexibility, and durability, making it competitive with the best on the market.

Ramirez's dual role as educator and entrepreneur demonstrates the practical value of microeconomic principles, offering students a unique perspective on how economic theories apply beyond the classroom.