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The Office of Institutional Effectiveness integrates program review, assessment, and research to enable the College to report on and analyze the effectiveness of its programs and services.

For more information, please visit the Office of Institutional Effectiveness page. 

A Single Sign-On portal is a site of access control to multiple independent systems. Users can log in with a single username and password to gain access to other systems. RCCD's SSO allow employees to access sites such as email, 25Live, electronic forms, and others. Users are required to do an one-time registration to gain access to these applications. To learn more about this system, or to learn how to reset/change your password, visit the SSO/Reset/Change Password page. Or to get started, follow the link below:

Access RCCD Single Sign-On (SSO)

RCC Intranet can be accessed on campus's network ONLY. 

RCCD Intranet

Virtual Desktop, or VDI, allows you to securely access the District's internal applications and resources via a web browser on any device, even personal devices. VDI uses any web browser to open/run a Windows computer inside our network.

VDI-accessible information and programs include departmental file shares, Galaxy, Colleague(Datatel)/UIWeb, OnBase, and SARS.

Instructions and guides related to VDI usage:

We use the 25Live system to allow users to make room reservations for events such as meetings, workshops, etc. Users are allowed to access the system through the RCCD Single Sign-On (SSO) Portal

Access 25Live

Faculty Development 

Faculty Professional development training helps faculty strengthen skills that are vital for carrying out their teaching, research or leadership activities at the college.  RCC is committed to providing faculty development activities that align with its vision, values, and goals.  This includes training centered on  equity and cultural competence as a means to create a space that celebrates the cultural diversity of the student population it serves.   

Contact Information

Patricia Avila, Ed.D
Faculty DevelopmentCoordinator
Email: patricia.avila@rcc.edu
Phone: (951) 222-8725

Professional Development

The administrators, managers, faculty, and classified professionals are the most valuable resource at RCC and work collaboratively to ensure excellence in teaching and student success. Professional development training for all employees is the continuous improvement of skills and knowledge, which relates to every employee’s job responsibilities, profession, and/or work environment in ways that fulfill the mission, vision, values, and goals of the institution. 

Contact Information

Natalie Halsell, MA
Coordinator, Professional Development
Email:  natalie.halsell@rcc.edu
Phone: (951) 222 - 8900

Faculty and Staff Important Forms and Documents

Academic Dishonesty
Classified Guidebook
David Dant Employee of the Month Nomination Form
Faculty Guide 
Student Handbook

Important Links

Classified School Employees Association (CSEA)
Institutional Effectiveness
Professional Development SharePoint Site
RCCD Distance Learning
RCCD Faculty Association
Vision Resource Center