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As an RCC alumnus, you are a valuable member of a large Tiger community comprised of graduates whose educational journey and career path began at Riverside City College. You have first-hand knowledge about how vital community colleges are to the students who begin their educational transformation.

Thousands of students have walked the campus, enrolled in classes, and earned degrees or certificates from Riverside City College. For some, they were the first in their family to attend college. RCC may have been a stepping stone to an advanced degree or the start of their career. For all, an RCC education was a path to a more secure future. 

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RCC Alumnus of the Year

Each year, RCC honors an Alumnus of the Year who has made notable contributions to the College and community. The first RCC Alumnus of the Year was named in 1959 and ever since college leaders have recognized an alumnus for their achievements of an exceptional nature in any field as well as contributions to RCC and the community. 

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2021 - 2022 RCC Alumnus of the Year

Maha Ibrahim

Maha Ibrahim
RCCD/RCC Alumus of the Year
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Michael Barnes2021
Michael Barnes
RCCD/RCC Alumus of the Year
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2019-2000 RCCD Alumnus of the Year

Joyce Leon2020
Joyce Leon
RCC Alumnus of the Year

Charlie Richards2019
Charlie Richard
RCC Alumnus of the Year
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Tamara Sipos2019
Tamara Sipos
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Salvador Hernandez2018
Salvador Hernandez
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Julius Thomas2017
Julius Thomas
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Virginia Blumenthal2016
Virginia Blumenthal
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Ana Maria Espinoza2015
Ana Maria Espinoza
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Kathy Wright2014
Kathy Wright
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Rod Piazza2013
Rod Piazza
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Nick Ferguson2012
Nick Ferguson
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Nick Goldware2011
Nick Goldware
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Jerry Louder2010
Jerry Louder
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Marion Ashley2009
Marion Ashley
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Susan Straight2008
Susan Straight
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william emmerson2007
William Emmerson

Gary Rawlings2006
Gary Rawlings

Robert Wolf2005
Robert A. Wolf

Eugene Humphreys2004
Eugene Humphreys

Gene Gleeson2003
Gene Gleeson

Ameal Moore2002
Ameal Moore

Clayton A. Record, Jr. 2001
Clayton A. Record, Jr. 

Tom Mullen2000
Tom Mullen



1999-1980 RCCD Alumnus of the Year

Norm Martin1999
Norm Martin

Judith Nieburger1998
Judith Nieburger

Ernesto Robles1997
Ernesto Robles

Donald McCoy1996
Donald McCoy

Nicholas Tavaglione1995
Nicholas Tavaglione

Gary Best1994
Gary A. Best

Patsy Martin McCoy1993
Patsy Martin McCoy

Rodolpho Castro1992
Rodolpho Castro

Charles A Kane1991
Charles A. Kane

Leo Baca1990
Leo Baca

John Coudures1989
John Coudures

Ruth Kirkby1988
Ruth Kirkby

Helen Bottel1987
Helen Bottel

Charles Bracker1986
Charles Bracker

Bob Fitch1985
Bob Fitch

Patrick Maloy1984
Patrick Maloy

Admiral Alan E Hill1983
Admiral Alan E. Hill

Bart Singletary1982
Bart R. Singletary

Robert Patton1981
Robert Patton

Maj. Gen Andrew Pringle, Jr.1980
Maj. Gen Andrew Pringle, Jr. 



Edna Bailey Lockhart1979
Edna Bailey Lockhart

Albert D. Brown, Jr. 1978
Albert D. Brown, Jr. 

Sen. Robert Presley1977
Sen. Robert Presley

Anita Mackey1976
Anita Mackey

John Neblett1975
John Neblett

Mine Okubo1974
Mine Okubo

George Moody1973
George Moody

Sister Amelia M. Goethals1972
Sister Amelia M. Goethals

John Gabbert1971
John Gabbert

Jess Hill1970
Jess Hill

Gen Robert F Worley1969
Gen. Robert F. Worley

Harold Butterfield1969
Harold Butterfield

Frances W. Mills1968
Frances W. Mills

Rex Brandt1967
Rex Brandt

James Mercereau1966
James Mercereau

Elliot Swan1965
Elliot Swan

Chester Carlson1964
Chester Carlson

Fred Oldendorf1963
Fred Oldendorf

Omer W. Wheeler1962
Omer W. Wheeler

Ray Engleman1961
Ray Engleman

Russel S. Waite1960
Russel S. Waite

OW Noble1959
O.W. Noble