What is Student Employment?

  • Student Employment offers students the opportunity to have part-time employment on or off-campus that can possibly be related to their chosen field of study.
  • Offers employment that can ​​be flexible to their school schedules.
  • Allows students to gain work experience and assist in paying for their educational expenses.
  • Pay rates are commensurate with job descriptions and experience. Documentation may be required depending on the program or type of job.
  • Students must have a valid social security card and picture ID. (International students will need additional documentation for employment which is outlined in the hire package.)

California minimum wage information

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Student Employment Information

Student Employment helps students earn money to pay for their educational expenses by working part time (up to 20 hours per week). Hourly pay rates vary and start at the current federal minimum wage; however, some positions may start at a higher rate of pay. There are multiple types of employment through the Student Employment Program. Explore below to understand the benefits of student employment and how each type of employment differs. The benefits of student employment include: Supervisor will work around a student’s class schedule Helps students pay for educational expenses Helps students gain work experience

Students eligible for Federal Work Study may be awarded up to $5,000 per fiscal year. Riverside City College School Code is 001270

To be eligible, students are required to:

  • Have completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Have completed their financial aid file and determined eligible.
  • Meet the Student Financial Services Satisfactory Academic Progress standard.
  • Maintain at least 1/2 time enrollment.
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA.
  • Riverside Home College designation

Types of FWS Programs

  • On-Campus positions
  • Off-Campus positions
    a. America Reads
    b. America Counts
    c. Community service
    d. Literacy

The Learning-Aligned Employment Program (LAEP) allows eligible students at participating California public colleges and universities to participate in placement in an educationally beneficial position that relates to the student’s area of study, career objective, or the exploration of career objectives and the opportunity to earn money to help defray their educational costs.

The program includes and emphasizes positions for students with employers that are capable of providing them with full-time employment opportunities after graduation, or opportunities to connect with other employers that are capable of providing them with full-time employment opportunities after graduation, within their areas of study.

Please visit www.csac.ca.gov/laep for more information and resources.

Which employers are eligible?
The following entities may employ students: 

  • Nonprofit and for-profit employers– Nonsectarian, nonpolitical organizations capable of providing full-time employment after graduation or connection to another employer able to provide full-time employment after graduation. 
  • Public colleges– Research centers and institutions operated by public postsecondary educational institutions, if their learning-aligned employment opportunities provide participating students with direct opportunities to participate in the research that is undertaken by the respective research centers and institutions. 
  • Public schools- Public schools operated by school districts, county superintendents of schools, the Department of the Youth Authority, or the Department of Education.

How do students qualify?
Eligible students are from an underrepresented background and meet all the following criteria:

  • At least half-time enrollment
    • Summer and Winter - 3 or more units
    • Fall and Spring - 6 or more units
  • Up to 20 hours per week
  • California resident classification or AB 540 Eligible
  • Must be meeting satisfactory academic progress (SAP) in a program leading to a degree or certificate
  • Demonstrated financial need / Currently eligible for FAFSA or Dream Act
  • Eligibility to work in the United States

Priority will be given to eligible students who are first-generation college students, current/former foster youth, homeless, or at risk of being homeless. Further priority will be given to eligible students majoring in a science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) discipline.

Riverside Community College District employment opportunities are available throughout the District and do not require the completion of the FAFSA. Wages are paid from a department's budget.
Students must:

  • Maintain at least 1/2 time enrollment.
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA
  • Riverside Home College designation 

The CalWORKs Work Study program connects eligible CalWORKs students to entry-level employment opportunities related to their course of study. The focus is to link employers to students who can learn initial job skills, maintain long-term employment directed toward career development while continuing their college course work and maintain their GAIN (Greater Avenues for Independence) eligibility. CalWORKs Work Study sites are primarily off-campus.

Students must:

  • Maintain at least 1/2 time enrollment.
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative 2.0 GPA.
  • Maintain eligibility with GAIN.
  • Designate Riverside City College as their Home College.

Application and Hire Process

Student Employment offers students the opportunity to have part-time employment on or off-campus that can possibly be related to their chosen field of study.

If you meet requirements for your type of student employment (federal work study, department funded work study or CalWORKs work study), apply online.

NOTE:  You may only apply to positions at your home college or positions located at a district office. Students are limited to 16 semesters or 4 years of employment (with the exception of CalWORKs Work Study).​​​  Federal Work Study Positions: Use school code 001270 on your FAFSA application. 


Once your application has been submitted you may log back into the online job application portal to check your status. Those selected will be called for interviews. You should have a response 7 – 10 business days from the closing date of the job posting. Those not selected or do not qualify will be notified with an application status update.


If hired, the supervisor will complete hire paperwork with you and submit it to the Student Employment Office for processing. This process can take up to 7-10 business days. Once processed, the supervisor will receive written notification by Student Employment and then will contact you to begin working.

NOTE:  Complete the appropriate hiring paperwork with your supervisor only if you have been offered a position.​

Resource Links:

How to Hire a Student

  1. Review:
  1. Complete and submit a 2023-24 Job Request Form (instructions on form)
  1. Once the supervisor is notified by the Student Employment Office the Job Request is approved, the supervisor may then assist the candidate in completing hire paperwork.

 Types of Student Hires

Download these forms to your desktop prior to completing. Each type of student hire requires a different hiring packet. Ensure the correct forms are included depending on whether your student is a:

New Hire - An employee that has not worked for student employment in the past. 

Re​hire​-An employee that has worked for student employment in the past

Add-Transfer​- Adding or transferring a budget, position, or department

Direct any questions regarding the hire forms or student employment to the student Employment Office.

Job Posting and Hire Processing

Please allow 7-10 business days for Job Request and Hire Paperwork processing.  Processing may take longer during peak times.  You will be notified in writing when processing is complete.  Job posting starts in June for each academic year.

Please note, new hires must complete the new hire packet, the Form I-9 and the Form W-4. 

Warning and Dismissal

An employer may dismiss and/or give a written warning to a student employee for several reasons. Please see the Warning / Dismissal Form for more information. 

Off Campus organizations

Off Campus organizations are required to provide the following:

Learning-Aligned Employment Program

Once approved we can start posting the position(s) and eventually begin the interview and hiring process once there are a sufficient number of applicants.

TB TESTING:  If hired through an off-campus organization, students will be required to get a TB Risk Assessment through RCC Health Services.  Obtaining a TB Risk Assessment is by appointment only over Zoom at no cost to the student.  Students can contact RCC Health and Psychological Services at (951)222-8291 to schedule the Appointment. Students that don’t qualify for the risk assessment will be required to be tested and will need to submit the test results with their hire paperwork.  Health Services on-campus charges a reimbursable fee of $10.  We will reimburse on the first paycheck.  If a student goes to their own health care provider and is charged a fee, we will reimburse up to $10 if a receipt is provided along with the test results.

Off Campus organization managers must read the Terms and Conditions for Student Employment .

These will also be in all the hire packages where the managers and the students will sign and agree to these terms.


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