The Student Success and Support Program at Riverside City College assists students in accessing college and providing support services to help them establish and achieve their educational goals. Students eligible for matriculation are provided with a college orientation, placement results, counseling, completion of an educational plan and follow-up services.

An important part of the matriculation process is to ensure all necessary requirements for entry into certain classes and for graduation are fulfilled.

Limitations on Enrollment

Riverside City College offers some courses which place limitations on enrollment. These limitations may include successful completion of courses, successful completion of online tutorials to demonstrate computer skills, preparation levels for math and English, performance criteria, or health and safety conditions. Students who do not meet the conditions imposed by these limitations will be blocked from enrolling in these classes.

Verifying Prerequisites/Co-requisites

It is the student’s responsibility to know and meet the course prerequisites and co-requisites. These are stated in the course descriptions within the Schedule of Classes and the Catalog.

If you have met the prerequisite at another accredited college or university, you must provide verification through one of the following:

  • Submit official transcript(s) and complete a Prerequisite Validation Form. Request must be submitted from your RCCD email account.
  • Submit unofficial transcript(s) or grade reports and complete a Matriculation Appeal Petition. Petitions approved based on an unofficial transcript will be approved for one semester only. This will provide time for the student to request official transcripts from all institutions attended. An appeal using unofficial transcripts will only be accepted one time as a courtesy to the student.
  • If you wish to challenge a prerequisite for courses other than English, Math or ESL on the basis of knowledge, ability, or because of the unavailability of the prerequisite, submit a Matriculation Appeal Petition.

Note: Transcripts must be from the original institution.

To request validation of high school foreign language courses, at least two years are required with a grade of C or better. Please submit official high school transcripts and email from your RCCD email account to request a Matriculation Appeal petition. Official transcripts must be on file before submitting the request form. Please refer to submit official transcripts for information on where to submit official transcripts.

Challenging Your English Placement

Opting into English 1A without English 91

Every student has the right to enroll directly into English 1A without taking English 91. If you have been placed into English 1A+91 as a recommendation, you do not need to challenge your placement. Simply enroll in English 1A as you would other classes. If you have been placed into English 1A+91 as a requirement, please click on the link below to opt out of ENG-91. The form should take you 2-3 minutes to complete. For more information visit the information video or schedule a counseling appointment to discuss your options.

Early Alert

Each fall and spring semesters, faculty have the opportunity to participate in Early Alert. Early Alert allows instructors teaching an eight-week or longer course to identify students who are showing signs of academic difficulty. Studies show that early interventions help to promote student success. By completing the Early Alert roster, faculty make recommendations for students to visit with them, a counselor, and/or tutorial services. Students then receive an email that encourages them to participate in the recommended services.

If you receive an Early Alert notification, please do not ignore it. Take advantage of the opportunity to talk with your instructor and access our campus resources.

Probation and Dismissal

The policies of probation and dismissal are applicable to day or evening, full-time or part-time students. Academic status is based on all coursework taken at the three district colleges. Students with an academic status of probation or dismissal will be limited to a maximum of 13 units during fall/spring semesters. Probationary students may enroll in no more than seven units during intersessions. Dismissal students will be limited to 5 units during intersession.

  • Good Standing - Student are considered to be in good standing when they achieve a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher and earn grades of "A", "B", or "C" in 50% or more in all course work attempted.
  • Probation - Occurs when a student’s cumulative GPA falls below a 2.00 and/or when the cumulative percentage of unsuccessful units attempted at RCCD reaches or exceeds 50%.
    Online Probation Workshop
  • Dismissal - Students failing to maintain satisfactory academic progress may be subject to academic and/or progress dismissal.


When a course has a prerequisite, it means that a student must have certain knowledge to be successful in the course. The prior knowledge may be a skill (ie: type 40 wpm), an ability (ie: speaks and writes French fluently), a placement preparation score, or successful completion of a course (ie: grade C or better in CHE-1A).

When a course has a corequisite, it means that a student is required to take another course concurrent with or prior to enrollment in the course. Knowing the information presented in the corequisite course is considered necessary for a student to be successful in the course. (Completion of, or concurrent enrollment in, Math 1A is required for Physics 4A.)

When a course has an advisory, it means that a student is recommended to have certain preparation before entering the course. The preparation is considered advantageous to a student’s success in the course. Since the preparation is advised, but not required, students will not be blocked from enrolling in a class if they do not meet the advisory.

ATTENTION! All course prerequisites are enforced at registration.

Please email if you have any questions regarding the Prerequisite Validation or Matriculation Appeal process.