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Career Upward imageThe Career Center is here to help students navigate their career journey, from application to graduation and beyond. Our professionals will help you evaluate your interests, aptitudes, skills and other characteristics so you can select a major and career that works for you. Please see below for the resources and opportunities we have for you.

Faculty, classified professionals, and employers also play a role in the career development success of our students, and the Career Center is here to support them in their efforts to do so. Use the appropriate links below to see how you can engage with the RCC Career Center to help students connect career to your classes, engagement centers, or to offer employment opportunities to talented tigers.

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Email: careercenter@rcc.edu
Location: Dr. Charles A. Kane Building Room 101

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Attend career events and workshops hosted by institutions, employers, and your Career Center representatives!


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Explore resources that will help you decide on a major and career path!

Career compass

Learn about career paths of interest to you and gain skills that matter in today’s workforce.


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Searching for employment opportunities? This is the place to look!


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Are you interested in recruiting our talented RCC Tigers? Explore all the ways you can connect.

Career Workshops and Events

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Events and workshops are hosted by the Career Center during the fall and spring terms. Join us during these events to learn about resources, career and employment search strategies, and hear from institutions and employers who are interested in our talented RCC students and alumni. Be sure to check this section often for a list of upcoming workshops and events to help you on your career journey!

RCC Career Center Upcoming Events


The Career Center hosts a variety of workshops each semester. To view previously recorded workshops, please log-in to the Career Center Canvas Page.

Career Center Canvas Page


Would you like to partner with the Career Center to schedule a workshop or event?

Complete the Request a Career Presentation or Workshop form to share your ideas and information.

Advisor and Counseling Appointments

Advising imageNeed some additional assistance or have questions? Meet with an advisor or counselor who can support your career development and job preparation efforts.

Attend a drop-in session or click one of the links below to schedule a phone or virtual appointment!

Please note that holidays or campus closures may impact availability. Please refer to the campus calendar for closures.
Mondays 1:30 - 3 pm
Zoom Link
Passcode: career  
Note: Hours are cancelled on 7/25
2 - 3:30 pm
Zoom Link
Passcode: career 

Schedule an appointment with a Career Center representative to receive support along your career journey. Appointments offer time for deeper, one-on-one conversation and are offered in-person, virtually, or over the phone. Please note, appointments are released for scheduling up to 2 weeks in advance only.

Career Center representatives can help you make career/major decisions as well as support your job search efforts. The following topics and services are offered during an appointment:

  • Career Assessment Review (MBTI, Strong, and iStartStrong, etc.)
  • Career/Major Exploration and Resource Review
  • Career/Major Evaluation, Assessment, and Planning
  • Job Search Support
  • Resume, Cover Letter, and Professional Document Development
  • Interview Strategy & Prep
  • Mock Interview


make an appointment with a counselor for an official student education plan

If you are interested in creating an official Student Education Plan (SEP) with an academic counselor, please make an appointment below. 


Major/Career Assessment

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Career and Personality Assessments can help you explore your personal preferences and relate them to the world of work. Browse and utilize the assessments listed below to begin your career exploration journey!

Additional Major and Career Assessment resources can be found on our Career Center Canvas page.

  • EUREKA works as a one-stop shop for career assessments, exploration, information, and resources. Click here to log-in or create your account/profile. Note: this resource is for RCC Students only.
  • Faculty and classified professionals at RCC can use EUREKA to support the career exploration and development of students both in and out of the classroom. Faculty/ classified professionals accounts can be requested by emailing the Career Center at careercenter@rcc.edu.

The Career Coach Assessment can help you determine a major or program of study in a quick 6 question assessment or a more in-depth 60 question assessment. Use this assessment to learn about educational pathways through the CA Community College system.

The 16 Personalities test provides your type descriptions and relates it to various life areas including personal strengths and weaknesses, friendships, career paths, workplace habits, etc.

CA Career Zone provides four assessments to support your career research efforts and provides access to career data on wages, job openings, and more!

The Career Center provides RCC students with formal assessments designed to deeply explore their innate preferences, which influence career decisions and connect them to the world of work. Our suite of assessments include:

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
Discover your personality type and understand how your preferences in energy, information processing, decision making, and lifestyle can influence your career choices. MBTI helps you identify suitable career paths based on your unique personality profile.

The Strong Interest Inventory (SII)
Explore careers that align with your interests through the Strong Interest Inventory (SII). This assessment matches your preferences with the characteristics and interests of professionals in various fields, guiding you towards occupations that fit your passion and enthusiasm.

Ideal for students new to career exploration, IStartStrong offers a simplified version of the Strong Interest Inventory. It helps you uncover your interests and suggests potential career paths, making it easier to start your journey toward a fulfilling career.

Best Fit Career Finder
Get a comprehensive overview of careers that match your skills, interests, and values with the Best Fit Career Finder. This assessment provides personalized career recommendations, helping you make informed decisions about your future major and career path.

To take any of the assessments listed above, RCC students should email the Career Center to express their interest in the assessment. Upon receiving a response with instructions and a link, students complete the assessment online, receive their results, and schedule an appointment with a Career Center representative for an assessment interpretation meeting.

Career Research and Skill Building

Explore your options

Conducting major and career research is a key step in increasing confidence in your career decision making. Review the following information and resources to move forward with your career exploration. 

Additional Major and Career Research resources can be found on our Career Center Canvas page

  • Explore occupational and career-related information that will help you develop your career plan and get on the right track! Click here to log-in or create your account/profile. Note: this resource is for RCC Students only.
  • Faculty and classified professionals at RCC can use EUREKA to support the career exploration and development of students both in and out of the classroom. Faculty/ classified professionals accounts can be requested by emailing the Career Center at careercenter@rcc.edu.

LinkedIn Learning is now available for free to RCC students! LinkedIn Learning is an online educational platform that helps you discover and develop business, technology-related, and creative skills through expert-led course videos. To get access, complete the following steps:

  1. If you already have a LinkedIn account, log into your LinkedIn account and add your RCC email as a secondary email
  2. If you do not have a LinkedIn account, log on to LinkedIn Learning using RCC’s unique link. You will need to enter your RCC email and password as if you are logging into your email in your web browser.
  3. You will be asked to select an account. Choose “Inland Empire Dessert Regional Consortium”

If you experience any issues, please contact our LinkedIn Learning Liaison, Meriel Anderson-McDade (Meriel.Anderson-McDade@rcc.edu) or watched these introduction to LinkedIn Learning modules.

Roadtrip Nation's mission is to empower people to define their own road in life and they believe that our interests can guide us into fulfilling career pathways. Drawing from Roadtrip Nation’s library of thousands of candid video interviews with professionals from all walks of life, their tools show the real stories behind the struggles and successes people might encounter on their road to a fulfilling career.

Students can explore careers and majors related to their interests; engage with fun and easy activities that will help dip their toes into different careers; find wisdom and guidance that will give the confidence to pursue any path they choose; and ultimately create a plan of action that will inspire them to start defining their own road forward.

Start with their Roadmap tool which allows you to customize careers, education, and stories just for you.

Produced by the US Department of Labor, this handbook is an extensive guide to careers and occupations in the United States. Research occupations that are the 'highest paying,' 'fastest growing,' and more. 

This database provides occupational data and information on skills, abilities, knowledge, work activities, and interests associated with over 900 occupations.

The guides provide statewide information about job duties, working conditions, employment outlook, wages, benefits, entrance requirements, and training related to individual occupations or groups of related occupations

RCCD offers tuition-free, noncredit classes and certificates for career and professional skill-building - everything from job search prep to computer programming! View the latest catalog of offerings and how to sign up on the RCCD Extended Learning website.

Employment Opportunities and Resources

Job searchWhether you are looking for a part-time job while attending school or looking for full time employment, we have resources to support your search.

You will find options ranging from on-campus opportunities through student employment, apprenticeship opportunities for students in select RCC programs, and you can utilize Jobspeaker, a career service app that shows an array of employment opportunities from employers around the region. To top it off, we have a Career Closet that will help you “dress to impress” for your interviews! Make an appointment by emailing careercloset@rcc.edu!

Learn more about these resources below. Additional Employment and Labor Market resources can be found on our Career Center Canvas page.  

Are you interested in a career in the Automotive Technician, Cyber Security/IT Support or Culinary field and want to work for an employer in your chosen field while receiving a tuition free education? If so, navigate to RCC’s Apprenticeship Program webpage for more information and resources.  

Buzzfile is a comprehensive database that offers detailed information on businesses across various industries. Students can utilize Buzzfile to explore potential employers related to their field of study or career interests. By searching for employers by major, students can discover internship opportunities, job openings, and gain insights into potential career paths within their chosen field.

You don’t get a second chance to make a good first impression! RCC’s Career Closet is a free clothing boutique that specializes in providing new or gently used professional attire to students. Every enrolled RCC student can select two outfits to keep per semester. Students also receive guidance on proper professional attire for career events and job interviews. The Career Closet is located in Portable 6 between Landis Theater and Technology A.

Please Note: During the summer the Career Closet will be open for Appointments Only. To inquire about the closet, clothing donations, or to schedule an appointment, please call 951-222-8647 or email careercloset@rcc.edu. Appointments will be based on staff availability.

At RCC, students can participate in experiential learning opportunities that make a positive impact on the college and the greater Riverside community while also building real-world skills that will make them competitive in the professional world. The programs listed below offer a range of service and work opportunities in the areas of food insecurity, climate action, K-14 education, and social justice. Review each program and complete the Interest Form to get started!

Employment Opportunities

Riverside City College has a new, skills-based, career services app called Jobspeaker! As a student or alumni of Riverside City College, you can use this FREE career resource to help simplify and optimize your job search or career preparation process. This platform provides a personalized view into the job market by suggesting internships, part-time, and full-time employment opportunities based on your skillset and major. 

Current students already have an account connected to their RCC email address. Activate your account TODAY and explore career workshops, job openings, internship opportunities, hiring events and other job readiness resources.

  • STEP 1: Visit https://rcc.jobspeaker.com  
  • STEP 2: "Sign In" on the upper right-hand corner
  • STEP 3: Select “RCC Login” on the upper left-hand side (do not create a new account, as an account has already been created for you)  
  • STEP 4: Log on to your school student portal using your student email and password. Next, select your program and complete your student profile; be sure to add your skill-sets 

Are you in the process of looking and applying for employment, internship, or research opportunities? We have resources to assist you, including resources on Cover Letter and Resume Writing, LinkedIn, Job Boards, and more. Check out our Canvas page for more information!
Note: Must have an RCCD log in to access Canvas. 

An on-campus or district student position can be the best way to focus on your studies while also gaining valuable and marketable work experience. Students can apply for positions as part of their financial aid (Federal Work Study linked to the FAFSA application) or positions that do not require financial aid through the FAFSA (i.e. Department-Funded Work Study). Learn more about your options on the Student Employment website.

Recruiters and Employers

Recruiter or employer


Are you interested in recruiting our talented RCC Tigers?
Explore all the ways you can connect below. 


Post employment and internship opportunities at no cost on our online job posting platform, Jobspeaker.

  • STEP 1: Navigate to https://rcc.jobspeaker.com/ and click "Sign In"
  • STEP 2:  Click “Employers” to create your account
  • STEP 3:  Begin posting your opportunities. 

We look forward to working with our employer partners and helping them engage with our students. See the list of engagement opportunities below. Participation in these opportunities are subject to approval based on student/faculty interest and capacity.

  • On-campus recruitment opportunities
  • Virtual information sessions
  • Communication to relevant RCC academic departments
  • Posting jobs on our job board (see Jobspeaker above)

Make an appointment to discuss what is best for your company.

Do you want to create a stronger partnership to recruit at RCC? Schedule a consultation with Employment Placement Coordinator Meriel Anderson-McDade to learn about the opportunities to connect with current students and alumni.

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