Get Ready for Campus Life 

The Support You Need  

Understanding that student backgrounds and needs vary, we offer an array of support services to help you thrive at RCC. For academic support, visit the math learning and writing, reading centers. If you need specialized services the Veterans Resource Center, Disability Resource Centers or the center for International Students are a great place to start. If you’re interested in connecting with students like you, check out the Umoja or La Casa engagement centers. We want you to succeed. 

Academic Engagement Centers Cultural Engagement Centers


Support of Necessity

The Child Care Center is a state licensed, NAEYC and Quality Star NY accredited facility that cares for children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old. The Center serves children of students, staff, and community.

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The Disability Resource Center works with students who have a documented disability and are pursuing their education at RCC.

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Mental Health counselors work with you to overcome a variety of personal challenges such as: adjustment to college life, family/relationship issues, stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, sexual assault, harassment, suicide, and more

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The RCC Student Health Clinic strives to engage students in making informed decisions about their health and well-being.

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The Center for International Students offers services and resources to students coming from outside the U.S. to RCC through educational and cultural programs.


The Veterans Resource Center (VRC) provides assistance to veterans and their dependents that may be eligible for various Veteran educational benefits and helps transition veterans from the military to civilian life within the academic environment


Students can place requests for RCC laptops through the Library


How to Pay for College 

Higher education should be available to everyone — we understand challenges students have paying to attend college. RCC works hard to make student tuition affordable and direct education costs manageable. Students are encouraged to take advantage of Financial Aid, Scholarship, cooperative education opportunities and initiatives like the Promise Program when they are available. 

Financial Aid Promise Program