Learning in an Enriched Academic Environment 

Students come to the Honors Program from all walks of life — united by their decision to challenge themselves and realize greater opportunities. Each year more than 100 students join our Honors community, receiving an enriched academic environment, smaller classes, directed mentorship and learning through research and interaction with fellow scholars. Whatever your chosen field of study, the Honors Program can help you achieve your goals.

Honors students have an advantage:

  • Small Seminar Format Classes
  • Dedicated Counseling & Academic Advisors
  • Honors Study Center (located in Quad 207)
  • Conference Participation
  • Field Trips/Events
  • Scholarships/Essay Contests
  • Leadership Opportunities

Honors Program
Course Offering

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Ruby Valdovinos-Acevedo – Educational Advisor

Laura Greathouse - Honors Coordinator

Michael Love- Honors Counselor

Honors Contract

While the Honors program prides itself on its seminars with small class sizes and focus on primary texts, Honors recognizes that taking five standalone Honors courses doesn’t work for every student and their educational plan. Furthermore, due to staff and facility limitations, not every subject is offered in the Honors format.

An Honors contract is a way for motivated students to work with participating professors to offer an otherwise non-Honors course, completing additional assignments (as stipulated by the contract) to count towards completion of the Honors program.

More about Honors Contracts

Regional Transfer Agreements

Honors students can choose to transfer to a number of schools including UC Irvine, UC Riverside and Cal State Fullerton. Plus, many of our honors students transfer into, and benefit from, the honors program of their new school.

There’s Proof in Numbers

Transfer rate of Honors Student to UCLA each year *approximate based on major, GPA and UCLA's admissions per year
Transfer rate of non-honors Student to UCLA each year *approximate based on major, GPA and UCLA's admissions per year