Disability Resource Center (DRC)

The Disability Resource Center works with students who have a verified disability and are pursuing their education at Riverside City College. We strive to ensure students have access to their programs of study through accommodations, services and campus resources. We welcome and encourage you to work closely with members of the DRC Team to determine your individual needs and make your educational experience at RCC a positive and successful endeavor.

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Location:  Dr. Charles A. Kane Student Services Administration Building: Room 130.
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday | 8 am to 5 pm (6 pm on Tuesdays)
Phone (Voice) : (951) 222-8060
Deaf / Hard-of-Hearing Video Phone : (951) 801-5675
: drc@rcc.edu

Virtual Office Hours:

Disability Specialists via Zoom
Tuesday Noon - 1 pm 
Thursday Noon - 1 pm
DRC Counselor Drop-Ins In Person Drop-In: Visit the DRC office during the hours listed.
Remote Drop-In: Email or call us to be added to the queue.
Monday 9 am - 3 pm
Tuesday  8 am - 5 pm
Wednesday 8 am - 5 pm
Thursday  9 am - 2 pm
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Note: ​Deaf / Hard-of-Hearing Students that Need ASL Interpreting or Real Time Captioning:
If you need an ASL interpreter or captionist for any of the appointments below, please schedule an interpreter / captionist here,​ and choose the same time and date of your appointment.

Apply to RCC

  1. Submit your application online to become a Riverside City College student.
  2. Activate your RCCD Student E-mail account.
    Note: This is the ONLY way the College will communicate with you.
              Remember your password!
  3. Need money for College? Apply for Financial Aid
    Riverside City College School Code is 001270
  4. Complete the Online Orientation through Webadvisor.

Apply to the Disability Resource Center

  1. Complete the Disability Resource Center (DRC) Connect application.
  2. Email your medical verification and/or most recent Psycho-educational report and IEP*, and if you’re also a Department of Rehabilitation Client provide a copy of your Individual Plan of Employment and referral from your counselor to drc@rcc.edu prior to your appointment.
  3. Schedule a DRC counseling appointment.
  4. Attend your phone or Zoom meeting with a DRC Counselor to discuss academic accommodations, support services, and educational goals.
  5. Academic Accommodations, you must submit qualifying verification* and schedule an appointment with a DRC counselor to receive academic accommodations. Our counselors are experienced in assessing and meeting the appropriate needs for individual students — which may include priority registration, NCR paper, scribe, note-taking, test accommodations/extended test time, interpreting services, real time captioning, the latest adaptive technologies, and even alternate media. 
  6. Navigating Your Accommodations and Campus Resources, once you have met with a DRC Counselor, you will schedule an appointment with our DRC Specialists who will assist you in understanding how to request your approved accommodations and services, provide information about other campus resources, and support you while you are navigating your education at RCC

Priority Registration

Students who have been approved for priority registration as an accommodation must complete the Priority Registration Form or contact the DRC each semester to be cleared. The timeframe for Summer and Fall is the last two weeks in April, and for Winter and Spring, the last two weeks in October.

DRC Student Handbook

The Disability Resource Center handbook provides information on services, eligibility requirements and procedures. If you have unanswered questions, please contact or visit the center.


Scheduling a DRC Appointment

Most DRC appointments may be done in person or remotely (via Zoom or telephone).  If you choose to meet remotely, you will get an e-mail, phone call, or text reminder and instructions prior to your appointment.


Deaf / Hard-of-Hearing Students that Need ASL Interpreting or Real Time Captioning:
If you need an ASL interpreter or captionist for any of the appointments below, please schedule an interpreter / captionist here,​ and choose the same time and date of your appointment.

For an appointment with a DRC Counselor:

A DRC Counselor can help you with choosing classes, discuss accommodations, and more.
If you would like to schedule a DRC Counseling Appointment either: In-person, Online Video, or Telephone, please email drc@rcc.edu, or call 951-222-8060/VP 951- 801-5675..

For an appointment with a DRC/VRC Counselor:

A DRC/VRC Counselor works with our student veterans and military affiliated students, and can assist you with choosing classes, discuss accommodations, and more. If you would like to schedule a DRC/VRC Counseling Appointment either: In-person, Online Video, or Telephone, please email drc@rcc.edu, or call 951-222-8060/VP 951- 801-5675.

For an appointment with a DRC Specialist:

A DRC Specialist can assist you with letters to instructors, how to use your accommodations, and more. (Spanish / ASL available upon request)
If you would like to schedule a Disability Specialist Appointment either: In-person, Online Video, or Telephone, please email  drc@rcc.edu, or call 951-222-8060.

For an appointment with a DRC Senior Interpreter:

A DRC Senior Interpreter can help you with scheduling ASL interpreters /captionists, discuss issues with these services, and more.
If you would like to schedule a Senior Interpreter Appointment either: In-person, Online Video, or Telephone, please email rcc.interpreters@rcc.edudrc@rcc.edu, or call 951-222-8060/VP 951- 801-5675.

For an appointment with the DRC High Tech Center:

The DRC High Tech Center staff can help you with use of adaptive software, accessing online materials, and more.
If you would like to schedule a High Tech Center Appointment either: In-person, Online Video, or Telephone, please email  drc@rcc.edu, or call 951-222-8060/VP 951- 801-5675.

*For all other requests, please email the DRC at drc@rcc.edu.

Accommodation Service Requests

Please send an email to drc@rcc.edu to request a letter you can give to your instructor to let them know which approved DRC accommodations you plan to use in the class. The letter will be sent to you via e-mail. 

We make every effort to provide tutors for all requests. Students will be notified by email or phone once the request has been completed, or the DRC will make the appropriate referral to other tutorial services on campus. Tutoring is not guaranteed upon submitting a request.

Tutor Request Form

Based upon your disability related limitations, you may qualify for assistance with taking notes in class/labs or help with written class assignments, tests or exams. Ask your DRC Counselor if you qualify for assistance with taking notes in class/labs or help with written class assignments, tests or exams.

After counselor approval, please submit the DRC Note Taker Request Form 

Based upon your disability related limitations, you may qualify for a table, chair, or other adaptive furniture in the classroom or lab. 

After counselor approval please complete the Adaptive Furniture Request Form. 

The High-Tech Center is a computer lab for DRC students. As an eligible student, you could receive training to use adaptive technology designed to help advance your future endeavors. The center is also a great space for students to study, print homework, and easily engage with other students and DRC Team members.

Note: Use of Adaptive Software and Hardware designed for disability accommodation must first be approved by a DRC Counselor.

Adaptive Technology available at the High Tech Center:



  • High speed computers with 19" flat-panel monitors for students with low vision.
  • Flatbed scanners at each station
  • Headphones available for private listening
  • Andrea Anti-noise USB NC-7100 microphones for use with Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  • Logitech Ergonomic keyboards w/ touchpads and other alternative keyboards
  • Kensington Expert Mouse Trackballs and other ergonomic mice

Need Help? Please schedule an appointment with High Tech Center staff


Request an interpreter for courses, tutoring, or other academic-related events at Riverside City College. For community/club activities or other non-academic events, please contact the event coordinator. To request an Interpreter, please complete the Interpreter Request form.

Interpreter Request


Student and College Responsibilities

As a college student, you are now responsible for steering the disability accommodation process, as well as navigating your academics and seeking support as needed. You will need to structure and plan your days, attend class, complete homework and assignments, meet deadlines and complete exams to the satisfaction of the professors and classes. In addition, you will need to advocate for yourself if you encounter any barriers to accessing your education. (See: Differences between High School and College) Additionally,the DRC abides by The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which is a law that protects students' educational records and prevents the improper disclosure of these records. As a student at RCC, without your authorization, we will not disclose information to faculty, staff, or parents.
  • Self-identify and disclose your disability to the DRC before requesting services  

  • Provide the DRC with necessary verification and/or forms (medical, educational, etc.) to verify disability 

  • Complete the DRC online application and schedule an appointment with a DRC counselor to obtain academic accommodations and services 

  • Request accommodations in a timely manner, and work with a DRC Counselor to determine appropriate and reasonable accommodations

  • Provide faculty with your DRC Accommodation Letter from DRC to activate and adopt accommodations for each class, keeping in mind requesting accommodations is not retroactive

  • Arrange and obtain their own personal care attendants/aides if needed (Attendants/aides must complete District Volunteer Service Form) 

  • Inform students of the Disability Resource Center's location and procedures for requesting accommodations

  • Accepts and verify disability— when applicable students enrolled in classes may be tested for Learning Disability (LDT)

  • Inform students of their rights and responsibilities 

  • Work with students to update accommodations, when necessary

  • Provide student with campus resources as needed

  • Reduce or waive any of the essential requirements of a course or program

  • Conduct testing and assessment of learning, psychological or medical disabilities

  • Provide personal attendants

  • Provide additional personal or private tutors above what would be offered to other students

  • Prepare “Individual Education Plans” (IEPs)​ 

Contact Information

As we continue in the remote learning environment, I want to ensure you will continue to receive support from your DRC Team.

If you need a copy of your DRC Accommodation Letter outlining your accommodations, please let a member of the DRC Team know and we will get that sent. You will need to provide the course title and section number, and name of the instructor teaching the course.

The main email and phone number are: drc@rcc.edu and (951) 222-8060. This number and email reach several members of the DRC Team.

Dr. Pamela J. Starr
Director, DRC 
(951) 222-8508
David DiLeo 
Adaptive Technology Specialist
(951) 328-3681
Keith Coleman 
Accessible Technology and Media Coordinator
(951) 222-8187

Dr. Scott Brown 
Counselor/Learning Disabilities Specialist 
(951) 222-8357

Brian Brautigam
Counselor/Learning Disabilities Specialist 
(951) 222-8518

Alex Ygloria
DRC Counselor/Learning Disabilities Specialist 
(951) 222-8189

Vivian Ygloria
DRC/VRC Counselor
(951) 222-8145

Pat Buttermore 
Disability Specialist
(951) 222-8642

Diana Decastro 
Disability Specialist
(951) 222-8643
Jeff Cranfill 
Senior Interpreter
(951) 328-3822

Elise Rodriguez 
Senior Interpreter
(951) 222-8639

Crystal Lau
Administrative Assistant II
(951) 328-3710

Jennica Krause
Senior Interpreter
(951) 222-8509

Josephine Su'a
Support Services Specialist Aide
(951) 222-8060

Mary Cantino
Senior Interpreter
(951) 222-8825

Jaron Paschke
Disability Specialist
(951) 222-8393



Please do not hesitate to let us know if you need anything to minimize any potential barriers that may hinder your accessing your courses.

Policies, Procedures and Forms 

  1. Alternate Media Request Form   
  2. Consent for Release of Information Form  
  3. DRC Student Handbook 
  4. DRC Faculty Handbook  
  5. Disability Verification Form 
  6. Request for Interpreter Form​ 
  7. Tutor Application Form
  8. New students must have completed the following prior to being seen in this department:
    • RCC online application at rcc.edu
    • RCC assessment test
    • RCC online orientation and counseling in WebAdvisor
    • Provide a copy of your verification of disability to be kept in your confidential file.
    • Schedule an intake appointment.
      • The intake appointment involves paperwork and general information about the department.
    • Schedule an appointment with a counselor.
      • The counseling appointment involves discussing educational accommodations and educational goals.
    • Students must activate and check their RCC email account on a regular basis.
      • RCC email gives you access to important messages from Disabled Student Programs and Services, Student Financial Services, Admissions and Records.
    • Visit the DSP Webpage
  9. Procedures

    1. Student delivers "DRC Letter to Faculty", advising instructor that he/she qualifies for test accommodation services at the beginning of each semester or as soon as the counselor has approved test accommodation.
    2. Prior to each test, student confirms with the instructor, the date and time for the test. One Test Accommodation Request form is required for each test.
    3. Student, NOT the instructor, must complete a Test Accommodation Request form in the DRC office. The form with student information and DRC approval must be submitted to the instructor a minimum of 5 days prior to a scheduled test, in order to allow DRC sufficient time to arrange accommodations (alternate format, scribe, reader, etc).
    4. Instructor will complete the “Instructor Section” of Test Accommodation Request form.
    5. Instructor will submit the test along with completed Test Accommodation Request form to DRC a minimum of 24 hours prior to testing time.
      Delivery of Instructions and test:
                A. E-mail (preferred), or
                B. Fax 222-8059,or
                C. DRC mail box, or
                D. Hand carry to DRC office CAK 130
    6. For unscheduled tests (pop quiz, etc.) the instructor must contact DRC to make arrangements.
    7. Test will be returned as specified by instructor on the Test Accommodation Request form.
    8. Any changes in test date and time prior to scheduled test administration must be agreed upon by student, instructor and DRC and documented in the “NOTES” section of the form.
    9. Any test not taken on the scheduled test day will be returned to the instructor. The process for scheduling the test will need to be repeated.

    Testing Rules

    1. Student must have the appropriate verification of disability on file with DRC office.
    2. The current semester’s accommodation request must be on file.
    3. Student communicates with instructor and confirms date and time for test. Student must take the test at the same time as the class unless extended time causes scheduling conflicts (back to back classes or the class meets beyond DRC office hours, weekend classes).
    4. If the student does not take the test as scheduled and does not make new arrangements agreed upon by instructor & DRC, the test will be returned to the instructor.
    5. It is the student’s responsibility to bring the proper testing materials on the day of the test. Testing materials only, will be allowed in the testing area. No cell phones, MP3 players, food, drinks (other than water) will be permitted. Purses, backpacks, and baggage are to be in full view of the proctor and may not be opened without proctor’s permission.
    6. Student taking tests are expected to follow any special instructions provided by the instructor.
    7. DRC staff will assign seating to student at the time of the test.
    8. If the student is late for the test, the student will only be entitled to the remainder of the scheduled time.
    9. Once the test has begun, the student may not leave the testing area unless for urgent disability-related reasons. Any disability related breaks must be arranged in advance on the Accommodation Request form so that test can be administered in sections. Instructor will be notified of any unscheduled breaks.
    10. The student must understand and agree to the student code of conduct. Any cheating will be immediately reported to the instructor, DRC counselor and the Director of DRC.
    11. Student will be aware the testing area uses closed circuit television and audio monitoring.
    12. Student will be conscientious of other students testing and remain quiet when entering/leaving the testing area.