Riverside City College Promise Program

Education opens minds, and possibilities. The RCC Promise program helps recent high school graduates remove a barrier to pursuing their further education — by making it affordable. Full-time students who hold to their “promise” receive free tuition (even if they’re not eligible for financial aid), support for textbooks and a dedicated community. Certain restrictions apply.  


promise helpdesk logoThe helpdesk features live, in-person support and phone support throughout the week on Monday – Friday from 8 am-5 pm. The promise email is also available for a same-day response.

Hotline (951) 328-3820
Location MLK Building, Lobby 202
Email The.Promise@rcc.edu

Why Promise?

Free Tuition and Fees
Students who continue to meet the above eligibility criteria will have the Promise tuition and fee waiver applied to their Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer fees after the last day to drop classes has passed for each semester (10th week for Fall and Spring, 4th week for Winter and Summer).

$250 in Book Credit per Semester (Fall and Spring) 
Students who meet the above eligibility criteria will be granted the Promise book credit in the Fall and Spring Semester. Promise does not provide book credit during the Winter or Summer sessions.

Priority Registration
Students in the Promise program receive priority registration for up to during the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms, as long as they remain in good standing with the program. 

The Steps and Criteria to qualify for the 2022 Fall Cohort

To be eligible to the Promise program you need to: 

  • Graduate from a local (California graduates) high school in this current year 
  • Complete the required FAFSA or Dream Act application 
  • Be a California resident or eligible by your AB 540/Dream Act Status 
  • Complete the RCC Admissions Application 
  • Follow the Promise Program Eligibility Checklist to make sure you complete these applications successfully

Potential participants begin being processed in March. Invitation emails are sent out starting in April 1st until we hit the program’s capacity.

Recruitment for the program will end on June 15. 

If you do not receive an email regarding Promise within this timeline, please Contact Us.

Program Requirements

Fall 2021 Cohort-No longer open

  • Enroll and complete a full-time load (12 units or more) for Fall 2021*
  • Earn a 2.5 GPA or higher every term
  • Meet with a RCC Counselor to create your Student Educational Plan (SEP) by Nov. 1

*If you had an IEP, 504, medical diagnosis, psychiatric diagnosis, or are concerned about your academics and would like to continue receiving services through The Promise Program, please make sure to visit the DRC office as soon as possible. You can reach them via email at drc@rcc.edu.  Please take note if you have established DRC accommodations  and one of your accommodations includes a Unit Reduction, you will need to communicate with DRC and request that the DRC Unit Reduction accommodation be made accessible to The Promise Program via email at the.promise@rcc.edu.

RCC Promise Program Forms and Documents

Please read through the following Promise Policies.
If you are a new student, you are responsible for understanding the following Promise Program Policies.


​This petition is for students who encounter situations involving extenuating circumstances, or emergencies that may affect their educational records and fall outside the realm of normal college policy and procedure. Please read application throughly.


  1. What if I have a balance on my account? Should I pay my tuition and fees? 
    • Please be patient. The RCC Promise Program will send email notifications once your account has been cleared. Please do not make a payment until the last day to drop classes for each semester has passed and you have been notified by the Promise Program of your payment status.


    • If you have made a payment out of pocket and are eligible to continue in Promise, you will be issued a reimbursement after the Promise tuition and fee waiver has been applied. Reimbursments timeframe varies. Please email the.promise@rcc.edufor more information. Please refrain from paying out of pocket until you have received your Promise payment status email.

    • Please note: You will not be dropped from your classe​s for non-payment. 

  2. How do I use my book voucher? 
    • Promise students will recieve a confirmation email regarding their book credit status
    • Book credit can only be used in the RCC bookstore for textbooks
    • Students will need to bring in your RCC ID, Driver's License, or a state issued photo ID to purchase your books
    • Students need to bring a copy of your class schedule
    • The book credit will be applied at the time of purchase
    • Rental: Students will need a credit card to put on file to rent a textbook from the RCC bookstore. The Promise book credit will cover rental fees.
    • Norco or Moreno Valley textbooks: Student need to communicate with the RCC bookstore to request the textbook be sent here for purchase
    • If your book credit has not been established in the bookstore you must contact the Promise Program to determine your eligiblity at the.promise@rcc.edu