Travel and Expense Management Solutions

Concur is Riverside Community College District’s web-based, integrated travel and expense management solution that centralizes and consolidates the travel request, booking, and out-of-pocket expense reimbursement.

With employees and students traveling for a wide range of academic and professional development purposes, the Concur automated solution will help simplify and expedite the travel process, provide cost savings, increase efficiency, reduce reimbursement times, and eliminate paper. Concur was selected through a collaborative (District and College) proposal process and approved by the RCCD Board of Trustees. All travel is governed by RCCD Board Policy 6900.

Logging into Concur

concur logoTo log in to Concur, go to the District’s single sign-on portal at .

Use your email address and email password as your login credentials. Once logged in, click on the SAP Concur Travel and Expense icon.

Training Materials

Use these videos to help you get started navigating the Concur interface

This video provides you with an overview of the entire Concur process from beginning to end.
Highly recommended to view it prior to submitting your first travel request.

Monthly mileage reimbursement reports are now submitted via Concur. This video will show you how to get it done!

Travel Requests: Booking Virtual Events
This video demonstrates how to create a Concur travel request for events taking place virtually.

Travel Requests: Booked Outside of Concur
This video demonstrates how to create a travel request while booking segments of travel outside of Concur.


Concur User’s FAQ’s

Q: How do I access Concur?

microsoft sign in

  • Login into the Microsoft Applications
  • Click on the widget next to the “My Apps”.microsoft my apps
  • If you do not see the Concur icon then click on “All apps” to find the Concur all apps

Q: Why cannot I sign into the Concur APP?

  • The SSO (Microsoft Single Sign-On) with RCCD doesn’t work until the email with Concur is verified. A user under their profile needs to GOTO emails and verify the email. Then the Concur APP will send the email to SSO for authentication.

Q: How do I access Concur videos in LinkedIn?

  • Login into the Microsoft Applications
  • Click on the LinkedIn Learning Applinkedinlearningapp
  • inland empire desert consortium tagNote- RCC Concur videos are under Inland Empire Desert Regional ConsortiumRCC Concur training module
  • To Save the collection search RCC- Concur Training > search RCC Concur Collection > click on the RCC- Concur Training COLLECTION hyperlink. RCC Concur training collection
  • Click on the video you are interested in viewing.

Q: Concur vs IERR vs Galaxy. How do I know if it goes into Concur?  

  • ALL travel related events such as conferences/workshops which require payment should be entered into Concur. You do NOT need a Galaxy requisition for travel-related expenses.

Q: Do I need a travel request even if there is no cost?   

  • If you are physically attending a workshop or conference, you must complete a travel request even if there is no cost associated.  A travel request is also your authorization to travel on behalf of the District and ensures the District is aware of your travel in the event you are injured.   Once the request has been fully approved and the travel has ended, close it.

Q: Do I need a travel request even if all expenses are covered by a third party?

  • Yes, a travel request must be completed with a zero amount and list that is paid by outside agency. This is for management and risk tracking of travel.

Q: What documents do I need to attach to my request?

  • Conference registration fee, Airfare estimate, Hotel estimate, Meals estimate, Car rental estimate, Parking estimate, Uber/Lyft estimate, and Mileage estimate.

Q: Can I use Concur for student travel?  

  • Yes, Concur can be used for student travel.  There is a “non-employee travel expense” type available to use to denote student-related travel expenses. Contact your Concur trainer for support in generating your travel request.concur airfare for non-employee

Q: Can I book airfare for students?

  • Yes, if you have students who will need airline tickets, include their names on the Travel Request in the Comments section, attach a list of students on the request and email John Geraghty referencing the Concur Request ID.

Q: What documents do I need to upload for student travel?

  • The same as for a traveler request, with the exception of including a list of students and a schedule of game events (for Athletics).

Q: Can we use Concur for group travel?  

  • Yes, if the ONLY expense is registration and each individual will not be reimbursed for travel expenses such as meals or mileage.

Q: My Concur Request is being routed to the wrong approver; how do I change or update the approver?

  • Contact Liz Tatum so she can connect with HR to update their records.

Q: Travel is approved but there has been an addition to the travel (add-on). Can I modify my request? 

  • If your travel request is not yet fully approved, you can recall the request, modify it, and then resubmit it for approval. If it is already fully approved, you will need to create an “add-on” to your original travel request.

Q: Can I use more than one budget string on my travel request?  

  •  Yes, follow the steps to “allocate budget” found in the Concur manual.

Q: Can I use the RCCD Foundation Accounts for Concur travel?

  • No, RCCD is does not have Foundation charge-back working with Concur. You need to process a check request with the Foundation team.

Q: If I underestimated the cost of my request, how can I add more money to my Concur travel request?

  • If your travel request is not yet fully approved, you can recall the request, modify it, and then resubmit it for approval. If it is already fully approved, you will need to create an “add-on” to your original travel request.

Q: Due to the price changes, my travel request has been underestimated. What is the maximum amount I can go over without processing an add-on?

  • Your travel request can go over 10% or $200 dollars whichever is more.

Q: What is the process for notifying the President of my travel out of state?

  • In addition to submitting your Concur Travel Request, the president’s executive assistant sends a RIV-ALL on a monthly basis requesting travelers to submit the appropriate information for pre-approval (see example below).riv-all monthly message

Q: How do I get my AMEX GO card? 

  • Once your travel request has been approved, you will email asking for an AMEX GO card. In the email, provide the travel request number, your name, your cell phone number, and whether this is a reload or first-time requesting a card. See page 50 in the Concur Manuel for instructions.  

Q: How long does it take for me to receive my AMEX GO card?  

  • It takes about 7-10 days for your AMEX GO card to be available for pick up at your Cashier’s office.  The Cashier’s office will notify you via email when your card is available for pick up.

Q: How long does it take for my funds to appear on my AMEX GO card? 

  • It takes about 2-3 days for the funds to appear on the AMEX GO card once requested.  

Q: Is the AMEX GO good for a one-time use?

  • No, once the AMEX GO card has been issued to you then it is yours to keep and use for future travel.

Q: I cancelled my travel and no longer need the AMEX GO. What do I do with the AMEX Go card?

  • You can keep the card for future travel or return it to RCCD Purchasing Dept.

Q: Can I use my AMEX GO card to buy gas?

  • Yes, you may purchase gas using the AMEX GO card under the following conditions:
    • You are renting a vehicle or using a college vehicle.
    • You have included the gas expense in your original travel request as an “other travel request”.

Q: Can I use my AMEX GO card to buy gas for my personal car?

  • No, if you drive your personal vehicle for business purposes, then you will get mileage reimbursement. Mileage will need to be included as an Expected Expense in your original travel request

Q: I am using “Book with Concur” to create my travel request. Can I still use the AMEX GO Card for my other expenses?

  • Yes!  No matter what booking type you choose, you can always request the AMEX GO card.

Q: Is there a way to set up the credit card to where I would get the credit for the money spent put on my account so I can use it for the future? For instance, at Chick-fil-A, I usually get a good amount of points that can be used for free on my next purchase if I spend $500.

  • AMEX GO does not have a reward/credit system. These are district public funds and cannot be used on personal rewards.

Q: When should I make someone my delegate? 

  • If you are an administrator and would like to have your assistant act on your behalf to create your travel request, book your travel, and create and submit your expense reports, consider making someone your delegate. 

Q: I was made a delegate for someone else. How do I act as their delegate? 

  • Login to Concur.  At the top, right-hand portion of your screen, click the down area near the word “profile”, then enter the name of the individual you will be acting as and select from the list. This will open up that individual’s profile for you to work under. concur delegate profile

Q: I am a delegate trying to book my manager’s travel and I can't see the book link. 

  • Your manager will need to update what you are able to access as their delegate. 

Q: What is the difference between a “Delegate” and “Travel Arranger”?

  • Delegates create or approve Travel Requests and expense reports for travelers.  Travel Arrangers handle travel arrangements for travelers.

Q: Can the “Delegate” and “Travel Arranger” be the same person?

  • Yes. Be sure to setup the person as both a “Travel Arranger” (in the traveler profile) and as a “Delegate” (in the Concur Request/Expense profile).

Q: I am a delegate and need to submit a Missing Receipt Affidavit. Why am I unable to locate the form and submit on the traveler’s behalf?

  • By design, the SAP Concur system only allows the end user to fill out the legal declaration form. Just like with any legal declaration, only the person that is claiming something can create the form. Proxies, delegates, or anyone acting as the user, will not be able to use or create this declaration.

Q: How do I book a Concur travel using my ASRCC Budget Trust Accounts?asrcc budget trust

  • The process is the same however, there are  three items to update:
    1. Travelers must update the request header budget string to 11-AZK-1000-0-6960-0501:
    1. Add a Comment referencing the AS Budget or Trust Account charging the travel to:comment on asrcc trust budget
    1. Add the approval workflows – for ASRCC Budget accounts add the approvals based on the requisition procedure; for Trust accounts refer to the approvals listed on the Trust cards.

Q: How do I know who to add to the approval workflow for ASRCC Trust Accounts?

  • Refer to your current ASRCC Trust Card or contact Liz Tatum for a copy of the Trust Account.

Q: The approval listed on the Trust Cards are not updated, do I need to update the Trust Card prior to initiating my Concur Request?

  • Yes, please update the Trust Card and send to Liz Tatum. Once received then you can proceed with the Concur Request.

Q: Can we use multiple ASRCC budget accounts?

  • Yes, list the budget accounts in the comments sections.

Q: Can I use the general budget and an ASRCC account?

  • It is not recommended to intermingle the general budget with an ASRCC account. They are different workflows and it will be difficult to reconcile.

Q: Are the ASRCC Trust Account approvals different than the ASRCC Budget approvals?

  • Yes, refer to the Trust Card for approvals for ASRCC Trust Accounts. According to ASRCC AP 5420, the ASRCC Budget approvals workflow is noted on the ASRCC website under the ASRCC Finance Code document.

Q: Do I need to fill out the ASRCC Field Trip Packet?

  • Yes the ASRCC process has not changed.

Q: If I am going on a field trip or college trip less than 500 miles – do I need submit a Concur Request?

  • Yes Concur will be required for all travel, including local field trips.  You can find more information in the ASRCC Field Trip Packet.

Q: I'm going on vacation; can someone approve on my behalf?  

  • Yes!  You can make someone your temporary delegate to approve on your behalf.

Q: How long does the approval process take?  

  • The process varies but on average approvals are completed between 2 – 3 days.

Q: How do I know if my travel request or expense report is approved?  

  • Log into Concur, at the top of your screen click on requests. All of your open travel requests will display along with their approval status. 

Q: When can I book my travel?  

  • Once your travel request is fully approved, a link to “Book Travel” will appear. Follow the link to book your travel segment. book travel segment status

Q: How do I decide if I should book in Concur? 

  •  Before entering the travel request, explore the rates available to you through the Travel Store for your airfare or hotel. Are these rates better than what you can obtain going outside of Concur? For example, is the conference rate for the hotel less expensive than what you found in Concur?  Are the flight departure and arrival times what you need? If you feel you will benefit from using the Travel Store for air, hotel, and/or car rental, then you should select “Book in Concur”. If you do not wish to use the Travel Store for any of your travel fares, then you should select “Book outside of Concur”. 

Q: Do I have to use the on-line booking tool in Concur for all travel arrangements?

  • No. It is highly recommended however, the on-line booking tool in Concur is optional.  However, the Concur booking tool includes state-contracted discounts for airfare, lodging, and rental cars, as well as the inventory of travel arrangements available through public websites like Expedia or Travelocity.

Q: I have encountered an emergency and can no longer attend the conference. What do I do with my airfare? Can I transfer my airfare to a colleague?

  • Contact the Cal Travel Store immediately, if you booked your airfare through the Cal Travel Store and let them know you will not be able to use the airfare ticket.Typically, the airfare ticket is non-refundable and non-transferable therefore the airfare ticket assigned to you will be available for future use. Information on Unused Tickets can be found on your Concur Travel site:unused ticket transfer in concur

Q: How do my conference vendors get paid?  

  • Once your travel request is fully approved, you will need to email to request an AMEX GO card. This is a pre-loaded credit card you will use to pay all of your conference/trip expenses.

Q: What if the vendor does not accept AMEX GO as a form of payment? 

  • The District has other credit cards available to issue payments. Email and let them know the vendor does not accept AMEX GO for payment.

Q: What if the vendor does not accept credit card payments at all? 

  • A paper check can be requested to pay this vendor. To do so, you will need to email a completed a “Direct Pay Request” form. Let them know the vendor does not accept credit card payments and you are requesting a check for payment.

Q: When should I request a Cash Advance?  

  • The AMEX GO card is now available and a cash advance should only be requested after consultation with the purchasing department. In some cases, a vendor might only accept cash. If this is the case, consult with purchasing to identify a recommended course of action.

Q: How do I pay for my UBER using the AMEX GO card?

  • Login into your UBER app and click on your Wallet. Scroll down and under Payment Methods add the AMEX GO credit card to pay with uber app

Q: Do I need to create an expense report even if I am not expecting a reimbursement? 

  • Yes, you need to create an expense report for every travel request you submit. The expense report is needed to “close the loop” and finalize the requests

Q: I have attended my travel and collected all the receipts – hotel folio, meals, airfare, parking, etc. but I cannot find my Concur Request on my Concur site. How can I find my requests so I can proceed in submitting my expense report?

  • Under your Manage Requests you will view all of your “Active Requests” and click the drop-down arrow and click on “All Requests”.

Q: My expense report was approved, what now?  

  • Accounts payable will process your expense report and will reimburse you for any out-of-pocket travel expenses you may have paid.

Q: How will I receive my reimbursement?  

  • A check will be sent to your home mailing address.

Q: What do I do if I am missing a receipt? 

  • You will need to submit a Missing Receipt Affidavit via Concur. Check the box on which you are missing the receipt for and under Manage Receipts click “Missing Receipt Declaration”:missing receipt declaration

Q: My total expenses exceed the travel request approved by more than 10% and I cannot submit the expense report. What do I do? 

  • You will need to create an “add-on” to your travel request. Please contact your Concur trainer for guidance.

Q: Where do you see the AMEX Go card charges?available expenses icon

  • You will see your card charges in your Concur queue.  You can click on “Available Expenses” to view your charges.

Q: How do I report personal expenses such as alcohol?

  • On the expense report, enter two-line items. There should be one line for the original amount indicated on the receipt (including the alcohol) and another line for the payback amount identified as "Out of Pocket" on the Payment Type. The payback amount must be entered as a negative number. Payments for reimbursement/deposits are made at the Cashiers Office and receipts must be attached to Concur expense reports. When reimbursing/depositing the personal expense at the Cashier's Office, be sure to provide a budget account reference, such as 11-DXX-1000-0-1501-0000-5220, and a Concur Request ID: 3ABC Conference XYZ on the cashier's miscellaneous receipt. If paying with a check, please write the check payable to RCCD. Example: reimbursement example imagereimbursement example in concur

Q: Are receipt photos accepted as a backup document.

  • Yes, receipt photos are accepted as a backup document for Expense Reports as long as they are legible.

Q: Do I need to upload a copy of a mapping service website (e.g., Mapquest) to Expense Reports for mileage reimbursements?

  • Concur has a built-in Mileage Calculator (Google Maps) which calculates the mileage based on addresses entered.  Click on the “Mileage Calculator” icon and compute the mileage.

Q: I have submitted my expense report and I have no other receipts to submit; why is showing on my Manage Request view?

  • If there is a remaining balance then it will continue to appear your Manage Requests platform. If all expense reports are completed. Then CLOSE the report but no future expense reports can be processed. Note -  RCCD cannot reverse a CLOSED travel request.manage requests in concur

Q: Why am I receiving the “contact to request a vendor ID” error message?   

  • This means you have never received a reimbursement check from the District and need to have a vendor ID number created and added to your profile. Email and request for them to create a vendor ID for you in Concur.
  • They will update your profile and notify you when this has been accomplished.  Then, go into your travel request and make some small changes (such as adding a period in a comment field) and save the request. This will clear the error message allowing you to submit your travel request.  
District Offices
Melinda Chavez  (951) 222 - 8042
Melissa Griffith  (951) 222-  8645
Amanda Vasquez (951) 222 - 8227 
Moreno Valley College
Laurie Crouse  (951) 571 - 6342 
Norco  College
Esmeralda Abejar  (951) 372 - 7075 
Riverside City College
Liz Tatum  (951) 222 - 8012 
Icon Name Description
red warning exclamation point Exception Indicatest that a request exception must be resolved before submission. 
yellow warning exclamation Warning Indicates that the request has an exception that does not prevent submission. 


yellow warning exclamation

This Warning icon is a reminder to the traveler to take some type of action. These symbols will remain and not clear.

  • NOTICE: Please email to request a new AMEX GO card or to request funds added to your AMEX GO card. Please include Traveler’s name, Cell phone number, & approved travel request.
  • Please attach a flyer (conference schedule, agenda, registration etc...) before submitting.
  • The request header is missing the required fields.
  • NOTICE: Please have your completed vendor forms and forward to purchasing
  • The Trip Date that was entered is in the past. Please verify your date before submitting the Request.
  • Please select a city in the ‘city’ list, or enter the place of your choice in ‘Detail”. 
  • POLICY REMINDER: Staff are required to submit requests for In State Travel 10 days prior to travel
  • NOTICE: After booking is completed in Concur, please contact the Hotel and request a Credit Card Authorization (CCA) Form – If they require one. Complete their form using your AMEX GO card information and forward the CCA form back to the hotel. 
  • NOTICE: If your Conference vendor does not accept American Express as a form of payment, please email Conference Registration payment processing instructions to
red warning exclamation

The red Exception alerts the traveler of an error that must be resolved in order to complete the travel request and/or expense report.