Transitioning Minds' Expungement Clinic: Empowering Communities for Fresh Starts

Jun 14
Transitioning Minds students together smiling at the camera

Transitioning Minds, a dedicated student club focused on supporting formerly incarcerated and system-impacted individuals in pursuing education, recently organized its third record expungement clinic on May 31st. The event, open to the public, aimed to provide individuals with an opportunity to start anew by addressing the barriers associated with court records. Through the combined efforts of Transitioning Minds and various participating agencies, the clinic successfully assisted over 100 students, employees, and community members, through the three clinics marking another milestone in their ongoing mission.

At the record expungement clinic, 13 individuals underwent live scans to request their court records. These individuals have been waitlisted for the upcoming clinic, during which they will review their court records for potential expungement. Additionally, 12 participants engaged in detailed discussions regarding their court records, enabling them to fill out the required forms necessary to initiate the expungement process.

The event witnessed the active participation of several organizations, contributing to its overall success including RCC Rising Scholars, Riverside Underground Scholars, Saavedra Legal Services, and Elite Live Scans LLC. Saavedra Legal Services conducted training sessions for volunteers and reviewed completed forms, while Elite Live Scans LLC performed live scans, streamlining the process for attendees.

The expungement clinic not only provided immediate assistance to those seeking a fresh start, but it also yielded valuable outcomes for Transitioning Minds and its volunteers. Club members gained practical insights into the organization and management of such events, expanding their skill set for future initiatives. Several volunteers were trained in completing expungement forms, empowering them to play a significant role in the expungement process for individuals with court records. Notably, the live scan participants from this clinic have already been included on a potential participant list for the next event, ensuring a smoother and more efficient experience for them.

The vitality of Transitioning Minds as a student club lies in its ability to foster supportive communities for formerly incarcerated and system-impacted students pursuing education. By connecting individuals facing similar challenges, the club creates an environment conducive to their educational goals. This sense of support is vital in reducing recidivism rates and promoting successful reintegration into society.

Mathematics Professor Marc Sanchez, who helps with the club, in addition to Associate Professor of Communication Studies Lucretia Wright, Rosana Gomez (club co-founder), Naila Santos-Sanchez (Secretary), John Husser (Current Club President), and Dominique Palacios (Club member), shared that many individuals, including formerly incarcerated and system-impacted individuals, seek opportunities to improve their lives. However, those with court records encounter additional barriers, such as housing, employment, and access to scholarships and grants. Through the expungement process, individuals with court records are afforded a better chance at becoming productive members of society while significantly reducing the risk of recidivism.

For those interested in learning more about Transitioning Minds or becoming a volunteer, please email The club welcomes individuals who are passionate about making a positive impact and supporting the educational aspirations of formerly incarcerated and system-impacted individuals.