Riverside City College Recognizes Faculty Excellence: Celebrating Jo Scott-Coe's Accomplishments


Riverside City College (RCC) takes pride in its exceptional faculty members, whose expertise and dedication enrich the educational experience of our students. Among these educators is Professor Jo Scott-Coe, whose recent accomplishments have garnered widespread recognition and admiration within the RCC community and beyond.

In a recent feature published in TIME Magazine's Made by History series, Professor Scott-Coe delved into the critical link between domestic violence and mass shootings, drawing on her extensive research and expertise to illuminate this pressing issue. Through her insightful analysis, she challenges readers to confront uncomfortable truths surrounding intimate partner violence and its broader societal implications.

Additionally, Scott-Coe has authored a compelling new book titled Unheard Witness: The Life and Death of Kathy Leissner Whitman, offering a poignant exploration of domestic abuse and its tragic consequences. With sensitivity and depth, she sheds light on Kathy's story, urging readers to confront the enduring legacy of intimate partner violence. This insightful work is published by the University of Texas Press.

Recently, Professor Scott-Coe led a thought-provoking presentation at RCC, engaging attendees in a meaningful dialogue on issues of domestic violence, women's rights, and the importance of amplifying lost family testimony. The event, held in honor of Women's History Month, highlighted the significance of Scott-Coe's work in fostering dialogue and awareness within our community.

As a faculty member at Riverside City College, Jo Scott-Coe exemplifies the institution's commitment to academic excellence and social responsibility. Her dedication to advancing knowledge and promoting social justice is remarkable.

We encourage members of the RCC community and the broader public to engage with Professor Scott-Coe's impactful work. By doing so, we can deepen our understanding of the complex issues she addresses and contribute to a more informed and compassionate society.

For more information about Jo Scott-Coe and her work, visit her website at joscottcoe.com.

Let us celebrate Jo Scott-Coe's remarkable achievements and the profound impact of her scholarship on our campus and beyond.