Riverside City College's Hispanic Heritage Month Latin Mixer

Sep 25
Latin Mixer 2023

On Friday evening, September 22, Riverside City College (RCC) hosted the Hispanic Heritage Month Latin Mixer. This vibrant event, which took place at the Rooftop of the Riverside Community College District Building (CAADO), marked the exciting commencement of a month-long celebration dedicated to Latinx heritage and culture.

“It was a celebration of culture, pride, and history. It was a reminder of the significance that we, as Latinx people, matter and that we are the very fabric of this institution. We are the driving force of the future. This event was an affirmation of who we are and the possibilities of what we can become if we are united.” -  Dr. Thomas Cruz-Soto, Dean of Student Services

The Latin Mixer attracted a diverse and enthusiastic audience, including community members, students, faculty, classified professionals, and RCCD/RCC dignitaries. Among the notable attendees was Board of Trustee member Mary Figueroa, a long-time supporter of RCC and the Latinx community.

Organizations such as Puente, ALASS, La Casa, and ASRCC, alongside Riverside's community-based organization, the Latino Network, and RCC's newest program, Male Mentoring, were also in attendance. It was a gathering of like-minded individuals who shared a common goal: to connect, celebrate, and inspire.

The event kicked off with a lively networking social, providing attendees with a valuable opportunity to forge meaningful connections with their peers and mentors. The program was enriched by speeches from administrative leaders and a keynote from faculty member, Mike Chavez on the history of Latino culture in Riverside, CA. During his speech, Professor Chavez shared an interesting fact, “Back in 1965, Riverside became the first large school district in America to desegregate through voluntary busing, without the enforcement of court order.” The keynote resonated with the room and was a reminder of the slogan, “Si, se puede!”

Dr. Wolde-Ab Isaac, RCCD Chancellor, made a noteworthy announcement during his address. He revealed that the groundbreaking for the UCR/RCC dormitory was scheduled for next month, an initiative aimed at addressing housing insecurity among RCC students. This initiative will allow RCC students to reside alongside UCR students in pursuit of their educational journeys from associate to bachelor's degrees in a supportive living environment.

Dr. Claire Oliveros, President of RCC, emphasized the importance of cultivating Latinx social capital and network relationships. She emphasized that the leaders from RCC and RCCD who were present in the room had the potential to offer valuable connections to support student academic success and encouraged students to use the opportunity.

Dr. Cruz-Soto served as the event's MC, creating an atmosphere of unity and engagement. His enthusiasm, including joining attendees on the dance floor, further enhanced the sense of fellowship and unity. Thanks to his guidance and the planning and execution help of Cathlene Castellanos, Administrative Assistance III for the Dean of Student Services, and Vevesi Save, Administrative Assistant IV for the Vice President of Student Services, this mixer was a huge success.

The Hispanic Heritage Month Latin Mixer was a celebration that embraced Hispanic Heritage with honor and pride. It exemplified Riverside City College's commitment as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), reflecting its inclusive ethos throughout Hispanic Heritage Month.

RCC takes immense pride in its HSI status, boasting 65% Hispanic Full-Time Equivalent Students and a Hispanic student headcount of 67%. Impressively, in the 2020-2021 academic year, 62% of all earned associate degrees were awarded to Hispanic students, showcasing the institution's unwavering dedication to creating an environment where every student has the opportunity to thrive.


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