Business and Entrepreneurship Professor Appointed to State Bar of California Committee

Feb 26

Dr. Ajené Wilcoxson, professor, Business and Entrepreneurship was appointed to serve on the State Bar of California Committee of Bar Examiners. Wilcoxson received this appointment based on his qualifications as a successful educator and commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion. He was instrumental in the development of Riverside City College’s Pathway to Law School Program, along with Laneshia Judon, professor of Business, Information Systems and Technology.

The Pathway to Law School Program is a partnership with the State Bar of California through California LAW, a nonprofit profit organization. The program offers community college students pathways to the state’s top law schools.

"I would like to thank State Senator Roth for his nomination, and I am honored and humbled to serve on the California State Bar Committee of Bar Examiners," Wilcoxson said.

“Dr. Wilcoxson's appointment comes as no surprise, as he exemplifies the highest level of excellence represented throughout the College's faculty body,” President Gregory Anderson said.

According to the State Bar of California’s website, the Committee of Bar Examiners provides oversight over the California Bar Examination and the First-Year Law Students’ Examination. The Committee makes recommendations for rules and guidelines governing admissions functions; recommends qualified applicants to the California Supreme Court for admission to practice law in California; accredits law schools; registers unaccredited law schools; and studies and reports on proposed changes in the law and other matters concerning requirements for admission to practice law in California. 

The Committee is comprised of nine non-attorney members, appointed by the California Governor, the Senate Rules Committee, and the Speaker of the Assembly and 10 members appointed by the California Supreme Court. Wilcoxson is serving as a public (non-attorney) member.

Wilcoxson will begin his three-year appointment this month.