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Honor Program

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Honors Program Transfer Opportunities

As you complete the RCC Honors Program, you have some decisions to make — like transferring to one of the universities which has an Honors partnership with the Honors Transfer Council of California. You need to work closely and consult frequently, with our Honors coordinators and counselor to make the move that’s best for you.

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Ruby Valdovinos-Acevedo – Educational Advisor

Prof. Dawson, Shelly – Honors Club Co-Advisor  

Prof. Alejandro Cortez – Honors Club Co-Advisor

What You Need to Know

Universities with Honors Program Agreements

When you apply for transfer, you will need to fill out the following survey for us to certify that you’ve completed the RCC Honors Program. If applying to UCI, do this by the end of finals week in December. For all other schools, the deadline is January 31st after fall grades have posted.

Additional Local/Regional Universities

University of Arizona 
Chapman University 
Cal State Fullerton Honors Program 
Gonzaga University 
Mills College (all female undergraduates) 
Occidental College 
Pitzer College 
Pomona College 
San Diego State University 
University of California, Irvine
Unversity of California, Riverside
Whittier College 
A complete list of transfer partners is available. 

Transfer Success Stories

"The best part of the honors program has to be able to take classes with the same people, make friends with the same goals, and have priority enrollment that allowed me to get the classes I needed to transfer in two years. I always felt like I was noticed not only by the teachers, but I was motivated to work harder, making me stronger. I'm transferring to UCR, and my major is biology. I got into UCSD and got waitlisted for UCI and UCLA. Honors certainly prepared me for transferring; activities like STOMP, workshops and field trips made me realize what I truly wanted." Rutu Patel (Biology, UC Riverside)