Commencement Announcements

May 18
Group of four students in commencement regalia with a class or 2021 logo

Commencement 2021 Announcements

Announcements and events for Riverside City College Commencement 2021 will all be here. Check back throughout the month for updates!

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Commencement 2021 at a Glance


Students in commencment regalia for 2021 commencement


  • Who: RCC Class of 2021 Graduates 
  • What: 2021 Commencement Ceremony
  • When: June 11, 2021
  • Where: Virtual Ceremony






Francisco's Story

"I could not have done it without RCC’s mentorship. All of the all nighters and hard work; everything was worth it."


Students standing in line for commencement

Fun Fact Week 1: 

Have you ever wondered why colleges and universities call the end of the year ceremony Commencement and not Graduation?

Here’s the difference. Graduation is the achievement or the completion of all degree requirements, while Commencement is the ceremony that celebrates the completion of a degree or certificate. Just because you participate in the Commencement ceremony does not imply that you have officially graduated. However, the word Commencement has a significant meaning – to commence, begin, or the start of something. Graduates of the Class of 2021, may be completing their education at RCC, but starting the next chapter of their lives. 

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Students in regalia throughing cap into air

Fun Fact Week 2: 

The second graduating class of Riverside City College in 1919, began with 40 students. Conditions brought about by the influenza and war caused the number of students to dwindle. That year just three students graduated. The COVID-19 pandemic didn’t stop RCC’s Class of 2021 from earning their degree and/or certificate. Nearly 3,500 students will be awarded more than 5,300 degrees in the 2021 virtual Commencement Ceremony on June 11.

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