Art - Visual Communications-Illustration

Certificates & Degrees - CE825
Art - Visual Communications

Art - Visual Communications-Illustration

This program prepares individuals to visually communicate information and ideas through personal expression that features figurative work. This includes practical, hands-on instruction in how to plan and produce a variety of illustrated works integrating communication goals with a visual message. 

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this program, students should be able to:

  • Acquire skills to fuse the creative thinking and technical communication skills with a personal vision. Discuss verbally and illustrate visually a basic understanding of commercial illustration techniques.
  • Develop skills to visually solve problems and communicate their ideas in order to prepare an operational portfolio of their creative and successful works.
  • Hone artistic skills and technical expertise in order to effectively convey complex ideas in a variety of media.
Required Courses (17 units) Units
ART-17 Beginning Drawing 3
ART-22 Basic Design  3
ART-26 Beginning Painting 3
ART-35A or B Illustration 3
ADM-2A Color Systems and File Management  1
ADM-2C Ethics and Legalities for Graphic Designers 1
Electives Digital Media Electives (Choose from list below)  3
Digital Media Electives  3 Units
ART-36A Computer Art-Introduction 3


Introduction to Applied Digital Media  3
ADM-71A Adobe Photoshop for Image Manipulation 3
ADM-77A Adobe Illustrator for Graphic Art 3