Geography majors develop knowledge of international culture, environment, history, and politics, while building critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and practical problem-solving skills useful in a broad range of careers in today's interconnected and complex world. Completion of the Associate in Science Degree in Geography for Transfer (ADT) will prepare you to meet minimum lower division admission requirements (60 transferable units) for transfer toa California State University (CSU) or University of California (UC). Some UC schools may require additional coursework, please meet with a counselor for further assistance. The Geography program map below includes all of your major coursework and recommended general education courses by term that is needed to fulfill your degree and transfer requirements at a CSU. 

Geography - ADT (CSU and UC)

0-15 units
Fall/Spring Units
English 1A /1AH 4
Math 12/12H 4
Geography 1/1H and 1L
Geography 2 

Communication Studies 1 3
16-30 units
Fall/Spring Units
Philosophy 11 or Communication Studies 3 or Reading 4 3
Anthropology 1/1H  3
Geology 1  3
Geography 3 
Geography 1/1H and 1L(if not previously taken)

Art 6, Music 19, Dance 6 or Theater Arts 3  3
Any UC/ CSU transferable elective course 3
31-45 units
Fall/Spring Units
Geography 2 (if not previously taken) or Geography 5 3
Geography 7 3
History 1 or History 2/2H  3
Geography 4 3
Kinesiology 4 or 10  3
45-60+ units
Fall/Spring Units
Geography 5, 6, or 8 3
History 6/6H or 7/7H  3
Political Science 1 /1H  3
Spanish 1 5

For alternative CSU General Education options refer to the RCC Catalog, under Requirements for College Transfer.


Milestones are courses, co-curricular activities and recommendations from your Student Success Team that will keep you on track towards completion of your degree. Check off your milestones as you complete them.
  • Complete English 1A (transfer-level English) 
  • Complete Mat 12 (transfer-level math)
  • Apply to Universities (CSU/UC application period Oct 1-Nov 30) 
  • Apply for ADT degree by beginning of spring term before transfer
  • Complete RCC Graduation application (during your last term)
  • Meet with your Geography Instructors
  • Meet with your Counselor to Complete your Comprehensive Student Education Plan (SEP)
  • Complete FAFSA (Oct 1st - Mar 2nd for priority)
  • Meet with Geography Faculty Advisor for career opportunities
  • Meet with your Counselor to update SEP (every semester)
  • Meet with your Counselor for pre-graduation check
  • Research Potential Clubs on Campus
  • Participate in tutoring, student success workshops or supplemental instruction
  • Visit the Career Center for Internship opportunities
  • Research transfer institutions
  • Attend Transfer workshops and Transfer Fair
  • Participate in an internship/ job shadowing
  • Participate in a research activity (meet with Faculty Advisor)

Careers for Geography Majors

Salaries Range : $62,580 - $94,110

  • Environmental Scientist 
  • Urban Planning
  • Cartographers and Mapping/Spatial Analysis
  • Environmental Sustainability Officer/Consultant
  • Real Estate/Site Location Analyst
  • Meteoroligist 
  • Surveyor