We recommend that you take transfer-level English and Math within your first year at RCC.

English Requirement

In English, the transfer-level and degree-applicable class is English 1A, and you can enroll directly in this 4-unit class which has a built-in weekly lab component. If you want more classroom support, you can enroll in one of our English 1A classes that has a 2-unit support course attached to it (English 91).

  • English 1A: 4 units; meets 4 hours a week with a weekly one-hour lab component
  • English 1A+91: 6 units; meets 6 hours a week with a weekly one-hour lab component

Whether you enroll directly in English 1A or take it with English 91, we know you can do this! Please watch the video for more detail.

Every student has the right to enroll directly into English 1A without taking English 91. If you have been placed into English 1A+91 as a recommendation, you do not need to challenge your placement. Simply enroll in English 1A as you would other classes.

If you have been placed into English 1A+91 as a requirement, but do not feel you need the support class, you can submit the English Placement Challenge form to opt out of ENG-91. The form should take you 2-3 minutes to complete. You can also schedule a counseling appointment to discuss your options.

We also have ESL classes for students interested in academic and non-credit ESL classes and certificates

Moving Through English at RCC

Moving through English graphic

Math Requirements

All RCC students are eligible to enroll in a transfer-level and degree-applicable math course, but the right math class for you depends on your major. Complete the placement survey to learn the appropriate math class for your educational goals and level of preparedness. To help you be successful in the transfer-level math the first time you take it, a two-unit support class may be required depending on your high school course work and GPA. Remember to take math early in your first year at RCC and to meet with your counselor to discuss your educational path.

Moving Through Math at RCC

Please visit the Counseling Department before enrolling if you have questions as to appropriate Math course for your major.

Moving through Math

Department of World Languages Placement Exam

The Department of World Languages offers the following languages: Arabic, ASL, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. If you are a heritage speaker of a language you want to continue learning, you can take a placement test to be placed at a higher level, if it is offered.

IMPORTANT: If you place at a higher level, and you receive a grade higher than C, you can get credit by exam for the level you skip. Students who are transferring to a 4-year institution are encouraged to consult with a counselor prior to applying for credit-by-examination. Students may not receive credit for levels 3N, 8, 11 or 12 through the Credit-by-Examination process.

Students who enroll in a higher-level course may apply for credit-by-examination by submitting the form Admissions & Records Credit-by- Examination World Languages to the Student Services Specialist in the Admissions office two weeks prior to the end of the semester and paying non-refundable fees. When a student completes a higher-level course with a “C” or better and the Dean of Admissions & Records approves the granting of credit, student will be given credit (not a grade) for a lower-level course.

Requirements for The Placement Exam

What is the placement exam?
The placement exam measures competency levels for those who wish to enroll in a language course but need to determine the appropriate starting level. The results show a recommendation of the appropriate level for the language class.

IMPORTANT: Students can enroll in a level lower than their placement, but not higher.

Who should/can take the placement exam?
Students that would like to join a higher-level class without any supporting transcripts must take the placement exam. If a student has learned a language outside of a formal setting, based the placement exam results (Arabic, ASL, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish), they can skip a lower level and move to a higher level (if it’s offered).

Who should you contact to take the placement exam?

American Sign Language
Diana MacDougal

Huda Aljord

Takashi Suzuki

Rosemarie Sarkis

Gwen Yount

Elena Kobzeva


Araceli Calderón


RCC offers a Spanish placement test. Follow the link to learn about the Spanish Placement Test. You can also contact Dr. Araceli Calderón (araceli.calderon@rcc.edu).

IMPORTANT: If you have taken a language at another institution and met the prerequisites, your transcripts should be on file prior to registering for a higher-level course. For instance, two years of HS language (C or better) will place students into second level language. Students must meet with a counselor to input the prerequisite in the system.

Kelly Brautigam (kelly.brautigam@rcc.edu) is the counselor for the World Languages Department.