This certificate is designed for those interested in starting their own business exposing students to the basics of entrepreneurship, including design thinking, customer assessment, problem solving, financing and leveraging resources. It will utilize the Business Model Canvas techniqu designed to have students apply entrepreneurial strategies in developing a business. 

Program Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of this program, students hould be able to: 

  • Student will be able to develop a comprehensive business plan outlining the viability and sustainability of their idea using appropriate resources and techniques. 
  • Student will be able to apply standard accounting practices in a business and able to recognize and evaluate finance opportunities. 
  • Student will be able to create a Business Model Canvas showcasing its main components and be able to produce and deliver a compelling presentation. 
Required Courses (15 units) Units
ENP - 50 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3
ENP - 51 Entrepreneurship Basics 3
ENP - 53 Money, Finance, and Accounting for Entrepreneurs 3
ENP - 54 Business Model Canvas and Presentations for Entrepreneurs 3
ENP - 55 Entrepreneurial Simulation- Capstone 3