This history path prepares you to be a skilled researcher, an analytical thinker, an effective writer and a keen observer of the human condition. There are many careers where these skills are useful. Among these are: marketing and advertising, community outreach, social services, political campaigns, civil service, administration and management, human resources, program planning, professional writer, editor. Completion of the Associate Degree in History fo r Transfer (ADT) will prepare you to meet minimum lower division admission requirements (60 transferable units) for transfer to a California State University (CSU) or University of California (UC). Transfer to the UC may require additional coursework, please meet with a counselor. The History program map below includes your major course work and recommended general education courses by term that is needed to fulfill your degree and transfer requirements. 

History- ADT (CSU and UC)

0-15 units
Fall/Spring Units
English 1A/ 1AH 4
History 1 or 2/ 2H or 6/ 6H or 7/ 7H 3
Political Science 21  3
Math 12/ 12H or 25 or Psychology 48 or Sociology 48 4
Intersession (Winter/Summer) Units
Guidance 47 or 48 or Academic Literacy and Reading 3 3
16-30 units
Fall/spring Units
History 1 or 2/ 2H or 6/ 6H or 7/ 7H  3
History 14 or 15 or 31 or 34 3
Philosophy 11 or Academic Literacy and Reading 4 3-4
Geography 1/ 1H or Geology 1 3
Intersession (Winter/Summer) Units
Communication 1 or 6 or 9 3
31-45 units
Fall/spring Units
History 1 or 2/ 2H or 6/ 6H or 7/ 7H 3
Art History 1/ 1H or 2/ 2H or 5 or 6/ 6H 3
Biology 1/ 1H or Anthropology 1/ 1H and 1L 4
Any CSU/UC Elective  4-5
Intersession (Winter/Summer) Units
Anthropology 2 or 3 or 6 3
45-60+ units
Fall/spring Units
History 1 or 2/ 2H or 6/ 6H or 7/ 7H 3
Humanities 4/ 4H or 5/ 5H or 16 or Political Science 2/ 2H 3
Communication 12 or Psychology 1/ 1H or 9 or Sociology 1/ 1H 3
CSU/ UC Elective  3

For alternative CSU/UC General Education options refer to the RCC Catalog, under Requirements for College Transfer.


Milestones are courses, co-curricular activities and recommendations from your Student Success Team that will keep you on track towards completion of your degree. Check off your milestones as you complete them.
  • Complete English 1A (transfer-level English)
  •  Complete transfer-level math
  • Complete Entry Level Course
  • Apply to Universities (CSU/UC application period Oct 1-Nov 30)
  • Apply for ADT degree by beginning of spring term before transfer
  • Complete RCC Graduation application (during your last term)
  • Meet with your Counselor to Complete your Comprehensive Student Education Plan (SEP)
  • Complete FAFSA (Oct 1st - Mar 2nd for priority)
  • Meet with Faculty Advisor for career/research opportunities
  • Meet with your Counselor to update SEP (every semester)
  • Meet with your Counselor for pre-graduation check
  • Research Potential Clubs on Campus
  • Visit the Career Center for Internship opportunities
  • Research transfer institutions
  • Attend Transfer workshops and Transfer Fair
  • Participate in an internship/ job shadowing

Careers for History Majors

Salaries Range : $63,230- $110,120

  • Marketing and Research
  • Historian
  • Social Services worker 
  • Human resources 
  • Program Planning
  • Professional/ Technical Writer
  • Post Secondary Education Teacher